Character Contest 77 Winners!

I think the "Sporty" contest was a lot harder than I imagined it would be. Nonetheless, we got some great entries, which I'd like to share with you here before announcing the winner.

First up is Alvacascus' "Nineball Prince", which I thought had a great, groovy, funky vibe to it. I particularly like the pants.

AMS has a great running pose he uses to wonderful effect in "F-1". And while the pose is cool, I also really like the simple but effective costume design.

AMS also gave us "Slash", a razor-edged hockey-stick-wielding fellow who looks pretty bad-ass.

dblade has the cybernetic woman thing down pat, and I think this futuristic "Wildcat Cheerleader" is both awesome looking and fun.

Diazmydaz came up with the nifty looking "BoxingAngel". I dig the shorts and the patriotic bra, although I think those hands are reversed ...

Gendonesia's "Pool" features wonderful perspective and an engaging overall design.

Gurong7's "Big Bomber" has a ton of whimsy and fun about it, along with a nifty concept.

Kaylin88100 went with a more cerebral "sport" with her "Red Queen", which I thought was just a nice, elegant, simple design done very well.

Kytana's "Sporty Zombies" could be coming to a caption contest near you some time in the post-Apocalyptic future!

Luclucluc's "Slam Monkey" is great, and I especially like the Nike-style "Air Jordan" logo on the shirt, that was a clever touch. We had "Teen Wolf" where a werewolf plays basketball, I don't see why we can't have a "Planet of the Apes" sequel along the same lines!

Nick Hentschel came up with a clever idea for a Chicago-based fan-turned-hero, "First Bassman".

Papakrok's "Telemarkovian" I think has some sort of meaning to it I'm not getting, but I just thought it was a cool-looking illustration.

I'm glad Syntax figured out an image-hosting solution, because "Battle Polo" has a lot going for it and I'd have hated to miss it. I love the ginormous mallet, and the character herself looks saucy and interesting.

Finally, we have Vampyrist with "Pitcher". There's nothing super fancy or crazy about this one, but I thought it had a spare elegance that worked really well. It also nailed the concept of "character based on sports" I was going for.

Those are all outstanding in some way, but for the overall winner I had to go with ... AMS' "Slash"! I thought it did the best job of combining the concept of a character with a sports basis with a great illustration. Congratulations, AMS, just let me know what you'd like for your prize!

26 Responses to Character Contest 77 Winners!

  1. Kytana says:

    Nice costume and pose, AMS. Gratulation.
    And also the other winners.
    The Apeman, the poollady and the cheerleader also great.
    The Nineball prince remember me on a “One piece” figure.
    (oh no i am not manga fan… really not… longer)

  2. kyle says:

    @ AMS :Slash reminds me of Casey Jones from teenage mutant ninja turtles =

  3. Kytana says:

    From other post.
    @Nick: The fans also zombies. 😉
    @Atomic Punk:
    Ok, of german.
    Es scheint als hätte man den Schiedsrichter die rote Karte gegeben nachdem er sich in die Cheerleaderin verbissen hatte. 😉
    Aber ehrlich…mir fiel da kein Text ein. Vielleicht waren es ja die Hotdogs oder Burger.

    (After the arbitrator bite the cheerleader he become the red card.
    I find not correct text for that entry. But i think the hot dog and the burger are the problems.)

  4. Whit says:

    Congrats AMS. Lots of fantastic entries this week.

  5. dblade says:

    Great job, AMS! Slash was one of my favorites. Awesome work on all of your entries.

    And congrats to all of the other finalists!

  6. Myro says:

    Congrats AMS. Been a long time coming.

  7. Syntax says:

    Words cannot describe the overwhelming joy I feel at this moment. This was actually my first contest. Ever. I’m looking forward to joining more contests in the future.
    Congrats to everybody who won, and thanks to Keith_Kanin for suggesting I use It really did help.

  8. gendonesia says:

    I’ve predicted that ams will be the winner since the first time I see it!
    that pic really stunned me for minutes O.o
    congratz AMS!

  9. E.C. says:

    “Slash” makes me think of Casey Jones from TMNT, as well, but only after he’d been to Hell and back. Great entries, great win. I get inspiration from these Character Contests.

  10. Asder says:

    Great job on “Slash” and for a reason his mask reminds me one of the guitar players of slipknot.

  11. TOOL says:


  12. ams says:


    My first win!! Thanks for the vote, Jeff, and thanks to all for the kind words.

    Jeff, I know I have two prizes (one from FNF) to claim, so I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers!

  13. Nick Hentschel says:

    I *FINALLY* GOT A MENTION!!!!! Yay! I was surprised that you picked my first one, though: it was the most complex, and got the least “Like”s on the FB page.


  14. Nick Hentschel says:

    By the way, Kytana (3): That was my point; I have a bad relationship with sports fans.

    Also, I’d like to mention the pool-playing girl as my favorite out of the finalists: I can’t do composition like that yet.

  15. headlessgeneral says:

    Congrats ams! “Slash” was actually the first thing I thought of when I saw the subject of this contest. I was hoping you would enter it.

    Congrats to all the finalist as well!

    Also, I’m a big sports fan and had so many ideas running through my head for this contest. I just wish I had time to get them made. Oh well.

  16. @ams: Congratulations! Nice work with the mask and hockey stick. The veins popping in the right arm is a great effect.

    @gendonesia: I like all of your entries. “Pool” is brilliant.

    @gurong7: Great effects with Big Bomber. The shine is just right. Like a brand new plastic toy.

    @Keith_Kanin: Quidditch is an amazing perspective piece.

    @Nick Hentschel: I like First Bassman. Done right, his story would be a great serial in print or on TV.

    @Rankyn: Space football is hilarious!

    @Trekkie: I like the style of Footballer. Reminds me of the sports impressionist paintings in my dentist’s office.

    @Everyone: Good stuff all around. This was tough since most admitted that they’re not into sports.

    @Kytana: Faulen Hotdogs verursachen ein Fußball-Aufstand? (Bad hot dogs cause a soccer riot.) Schmeckt nicht so gut!

  17. alvacascus says:

    Wow, I was surprised that my char stayed at the top of this finalist entry! Thanks Jeff..

    Conrats AMS! What a sporty hero! Also congrats for the other finalitsts..

    @Kytana (3): Really? Do you think he looks Luffy?

    Btw Jeff, how about sketch theme or romantic-love theme for the next contest??

  18. DiazMydaz says:

    Congrats AMS!!awsome picture!!!

    maybe next i will do batter for my character

  19. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Awesome AMS, great stuff as always.

  20. gurong7 says:

    congrats AMS “Slash” !!Your character makes me impressed, the combination of fun and looks nifty

    @The Atomic Punk (16):thank you, but I’m still learning to make his background LOL!

    @alvacascus, @diazMydaz, @gendonesia : great job!congrats dude 😀

    for all: congratulion guys!!!

  21. spidercow2010 says:

    I’m guessing here of course, but I believe Papakrok’s “Telemarkovian” depicts the titular four-armed hero, presumably from the planet Telemarkov, skiiing in just in time to almost rescue the Yeti from the fire-breathing dragon. The surrounding snow has a layer of soot produced by dragon exhaust and burnt yeti fur. If I’m right, do I win anything?

  22. Blue Blazer says:

    I must need to up my game. No honorable mentions in a while.

  23. Kytana says:

    @Atomic Punk: No, football players also. Its a mixture, ask me not why. But i hear that in america soccer is now in. And not change with “American Football”,football is in german also Football(Bei uns heisst es auch Football).
    So i put them together.
    @alvacascus: No he looks like more Lysop without long nose( I like Robin, but i don´t read it anymore)
    BTW: I like also Casey…now i see it again it remember me also.

  24. Nick Hentschel says:

    The Atomic Punk (16): That was about the idea. I imagined him hosting a sort of mystery/anthology feature, either printed concept like “House of Mystery/Secrets,” or a televised program like “The Twilight Zone.”

    Originally, the bass and the costume were the only aspects to the character. But when I started toying with those “companion” pieces, the ghost idea slowly hit me, and when I discovered that i could put those creepy faces in the window, that sealed it! Besides, while I originally imagined him as an everyday hero, or un-super street character, I really can’t write that kind of realism.
    I also thought of making him a black guy, which was easier to believe as a musician, but it’s too stereotypical… and I don’t draw black guys well anyway.

  25. holymasterchief says:

    hey jeff when are you gonna update hero machine with more stuff?

  26. PapaKrok says:

    Congrats all! That was kinda hard, aye?
    Jeff, I stretched on the title, but I was going for telemark skiing… it turned out more like flaming wookie bowling, which, I am almost positive, is a sport in some sectors…