Character Contest 77 Winners!

I think the "Sporty" contest was a lot harder than I imagined it would be. Nonetheless, we got some great entries, which I'd like to share with you here before announcing the winner.

First up is Alvacascus' "Nineball Prince", which I thought had a great, groovy, funky vibe to it. I particularly like the pants.

AMS has a great running pose he uses to wonderful effect in "F-1". And while the pose is cool, I also really like the simple but effective costume design.

AMS also gave us "Slash", a razor-edged hockey-stick-wielding fellow who looks pretty bad-ass.

dblade has the cybernetic woman thing down pat, and I think this futuristic "Wildcat Cheerleader" is both awesome looking and fun.

Diazmydaz came up with the nifty looking "BoxingAngel". I dig the shorts and the patriotic bra, although I think those hands are reversed ...

Gendonesia's "Pool" features wonderful perspective and an engaging overall design.

Gurong7's "Big Bomber" has a ton of whimsy and fun about it, along with a nifty concept.

Kaylin88100 went with a more cerebral "sport" with her "Red Queen", which I thought was just a nice, elegant, simple design done very well.

Kytana's "Sporty Zombies" could be coming to a caption contest near you some time in the post-Apocalyptic future!

Luclucluc's "Slam Monkey" is great, and I especially like the Nike-style "Air Jordan" logo on the shirt, that was a clever touch. We had "Teen Wolf" where a werewolf plays basketball, I don't see why we can't have a "Planet of the Apes" sequel along the same lines!

Nick Hentschel came up with a clever idea for a Chicago-based fan-turned-hero, "First Bassman".

Papakrok's "Telemarkovian" I think has some sort of meaning to it I'm not getting, but I just thought it was a cool-looking illustration.

I'm glad Syntax figured out an image-hosting solution, because "Battle Polo" has a lot going for it and I'd have hated to miss it. I love the ginormous mallet, and the character herself looks saucy and interesting.

Finally, we have Vampyrist with "Pitcher". There's nothing super fancy or crazy about this one, but I thought it had a spare elegance that worked really well. It also nailed the concept of "character based on sports" I was going for.

Those are all outstanding in some way, but for the overall winner I had to go with ... AMS' "Slash"! I thought it did the best job of combining the concept of a character with a sports basis with a great illustration. Congratulations, AMS, just let me know what you'd like for your prize!