Character Contest 75 Finalists!

We had a ton of great entries for Character Contest 75 - Random-palooza, so many thanks to everyone who took the time to spin the wheel and share their results. I've picked out a few of those submissions that have something out-of-the-ordinary about them to share with you, and of course at the end I'll announce the one I think is the overall winner.

And awaaaaaay we go! Don't forget, with most of these you can click on the image to see it at a larger size.

Abominal401 drew (literally!) "Mist Wanderer", and I thought this illustration really captured the spirit of the name. There's a moody melancholy about it and a sense of pathos I don't get out of many robot pictures.

I don't think I've seen Albannach 'round these parts before, but I really liked the frost effects on "Frigid Blaze".

Of course, dblade always has something jaw-dropping, and "Midnight Seer in Magenta" is no exception. I liked this one better than the black and white version, maybe in part because without all the cool but distracting detail going on around her, we can focus more on the character herself. But I like all the tattoo types of effects and the smoky glow behind her.

I'm a big Gordon Ramsay fan, so maybe that's why Gendonesia's "Knife Storm" appeals to me. I can totally see this being Gordon after he ingests some horrible bit of irradiated, nasty crap on "Kitchen Nightmares".

Headlessgeneral did an awesome job with the wintry background in "Frost Duchess", but I equally liked the subtle snowflake effects on her cheeks. That's a really nice touch. The whole image evokes a very clear and convincing feeling of winter. And Duchessness.

Headlessgeneral also pulled "Trick Foot", for which he did two different versions. The first was very good, but this silly version literally made me laugh right out loud. And on a Monday!

Hunter63 was very active this week, but I thought his or her "Blizzard Soldier" was the best of the bunch. I like the casual but ready pose, the positioning of the weapons, and the general look of the character. The simple blue and white color scheme in the costume works really well, also.

One of the reasons I like Imp's images so much is that they're always composed really well. As an actual illustration, they always look "finished", well-framed, well-posed, and with supporting graphic design elements that support the figure without overwhelming it. When you throw in a simple but elegant color scheme, pitch-perfect outfit selections, and an awesome energy effect like you get in "Cyan Torch", you end up with an image that works in every way. Great job once again, Imp!

I thought Jack Zelger's "Cyberlizard" did a great job of combining the two disparate elements he had to deal with. The interface between the human and lizard parts is a nice touch ... so he's kind of a Were-lizard-cyborg, which ought to be a comic book right there.

Kaldath's "Dusk Hawk" could teach Hawkman a thing or two about being a bad-ass.

I also thought Kaldath's "Shadow Queen" was not only a great illustration but fit the random name perfectly.

I don't know what the heck I would have done with "Falcon Deluder", but Kaylin88100 went after it with her usual plucky inventiveness, and I thought the resulting image was pretty darn good.

Kaylin88100 also gave us "Oceanic Wings", which I think is simply lovely.

Keith Kanin's "Midnight Cleric" shows off a really awesome whip that I would love to own in any D&D campaign.

I loved Kytana's movie poster version of "Ghost Spider". I'd definitely rather see this than half the dreck that's coming out of Hollywood this season!

I don't know that I necessarily get "Deadly Chancellor" out of Langolier1's design, but I do think it's a neat looking guy.

Luclucluc's "MindAxe" is all kinds of spooky awesomeness. I love the pipes used as jail cell bars, the nifty glowing axe effect, and the downright creepy design of the head and wrap. Great stuff for Halloween!

Maniacmick's "Web Golem" struck me as, again, something I'd love to run into during a D&D campaign. Though preferably only with that multiple-elements whip from earlier ...

I'm always up for a good fart joke, so ... yeah. I give you Mashlagoo's "Gale Joke".

I thought Myro's "Scarlet Driver" had a real Golden Age type of feel to it, a pulp flair that I found very appealing.

PapaKrok always gives us something awesome, and his "Dragonrider" definitely fits the bill. The rider fits the dinosaur perfectly and creates a concept I'd like to see more of.

His "Soul Seeker" is even better, with a moody, evocative design. I love the character herself, the skeleton shadow, the setting, everything -- it all comes together to make a fantastic illustration.

I thought SpellCheckingQuill's "Iceberg Star" also had a great feeling about it. I love the simple colors, the pose, the silhouetted tent, and the overall impact of the composition.

Skybandit was out of control this week, putting together something like three different groups of ten, committing to doing all of the random spins generated. And not only did s/he do all ten, but they were all put together into an overarching shared-universe type of setting! As if all that weren't enough, the actual images are awesome! So here are a few I picked out as especially cool. the first is "Bloodjape", who I think gives the Joker a run for his money as the Clown Prince of Creepiness.

Second is "Dreadfart", for the aforementioned reason that I like stupid fart jokes (as if there were any other kind).

Third, "Highway Draft" is a great blend of cool Autoduel and Mystic Warrior.

And finally, Technofist looks like what would happen if the Fantastic Four villain "The Impossible Man" sacked up and got truly mean.

Great stuff as you can see. I really appreciate Skybandit's tenacity and skill in taking on that monumental task, well done!

Moving on, I think "Ember Joker" may be Tarkabarka's best work to date. I love this illustration for the color, the concept, the execution, and the overall feeling of gleeful mayhem I get from it.

Finally, we come to Xenowolf's "Nerve Giggle". That's a tough combination to pull off, but I think this is a great composition, full of life and mayhem.

Those are all a lot of fun and very well done, but as always there can be only one overall winner. This week, I'm going with someone who's come tremendously far in design skills, and who's always willing to help out the other folks here despite what must be a truly formidable language barrier. I am talking about, of course, Tarkabarka! Let me know what you'd like as your prize and congratulations!

Congratulations as well to everyone who tackled this tough challenge. I appreciate all of your hard work, creativity, and dedication to good design!

23 Responses to Character Contest 75 Finalists!

  1. Kaylin88100 says:

    Well done, Tarkabarka! I really admire you for how hard you try to improve your language skills. Your English gets better all the time and so does your art. Congratulations for a well-deserved win, and keep it up! 🙂

  2. Xenowolf says:

    Great job Tarkabarka… I am honored to be on the same list as you… you inspire me!

  3. Jessica says:

    Great work, Tarkabarka! This was very well done. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time this week to do one but I doubt I would have come anywhere close as how awesome yours was. And Kaylin, you are still doing so well! I love the work you’ve come up with! Keep it coming!

  4. TheNate says:

    There are some great pieces here, but Tarkabarka’s really does stand out. He has a great eye for shades and colors.

  5. Kytana says:

    My english is more worse…exelent work, i like the soul seeker.

  6. Tarkabarka says:

    I gratulate every finalist, and everyone whose entered in this contest.

    First of all i’m a little bit suprised and honored.

    Everybody made a great job for this contest. I see a lot of good and awesome picture. Very hard to make a picture for only two word. But everyone made a great work.

    And a little review for the choosen pictures.

    “Mist Wanderer” – I really like your robotic works. Awesome object and item usage. Very creepy and misty feeling for this picture.

    “Frigid Blaze” – I agree with Jeff the frost effect is so cool. You made a good work with that.

    “Midnight Seer” – I tell in forum this is the best version. I like the unusuall coloring work, and the light effect. Very good work Dblade.

    “Knife Storm” – I really don’t want to work with his kitchen. Great coloring use. Great work Gendonesia

    “Frost Duchess” – Great char picture. – Very frosty looking picture but the way of she see me, my heart warmed up. Very good effect usage. Great work Headlessgeneral

    “Trick Foot” – Very good idea behind this picture. So funny and interactive. Also great work.

    “Blizzard Soldier” – Strong stance, simple but powerfull looking. Nice work

    “Cyan Torch” – Great character, great pose, great coloring work. I like the light effect with her legs. Great work Imp

    Jack Zelger’s
    “Cyberlizard” – Great composition. I like the concept. Great item usage. Nice color work.

    “Dusk Hawk” – Strong and very nasty looking hawkman.

    “Shadow Queen” – I like the concept and the item usage.
    Nice misty effect. Very dark looking picture. Great work

    “Falcon Deluder” – Very good composition, see a lot of work behind this picture.

    “Oceanic Wings” – Nice coloring work with this picture. I like her face.

    Keith Kanin
    “Midnight Cleric” – I agree with Jeff the whip so cool. And i also like the feets reflection effect. – And an advice next time save for png, not so pixelized like the jpg.

    “Ghost Spider” – Great idea and composition. Great work Kytana. I like the full compositon. You see every little details.

    “Deadly Chancellor” – Simple design, but sometimes the simple is more enough

    “MindAxe” – Also the little details is so good with this pictures. The Jail window, the mind effect, the creepy char give we an absolutly full composition.

    “Gale Joke” – It’s so funny and cool looking. I like this picture.

    “Scarlet Driver” – Like i see an old school crime or action film char. Very good light effects, but i use black instead of the yellow gradient. Very full composition. Great work Myro

    “Dragonrider” – I think this picture is extremly good. I know how hard to made a riding char. Great coloring and nasty looking.

    “Soul Seeker” – This picture is what i really don’t like it, BECAUSE I really love it. Great composition, the skeleton shadow, the color works. Every little details give we a big and awesome overall. Great work, really great work PapaKrok

    “Iceberg Star” – Simple and elegant work, Very steal my attention. Great work.


    “Bloodjape” – Nasty and cool looking Clown. I likes this extraordinary characters.

    “Dreadfart” – I laugh a lot of this picture. Very cool.

    “Highway Draft” I really like the motor, you made a great work for the unique looking.

    “Technofist” Great coloring and really villain looking character.

    If i remember well you made 20 entry. Not only fast but very quality works you made. Great works Skybandit

    “Nerve Giggle” – Great pose, and cool looking character. I like her face. So nasty looking.

    And my “Ember Joker” – Personally i love all of my entries. It’s really hard to wrote it why i like it.

    A little bit long, but i really enjoy this review.

    Jeff and for the prize i really like a rear – view feets for male and female.

  7. TOOL says:


  8. Hunter63 says:

    This was a good contest, can’t wait for the next.

  9. Myro says:

    Congrats Tarka. And thanks for the good words on my work as well.

  10. Kytana says:

    Oh, he want cheesy feet
    Urgh…please not. 😉

  11. gendonesia says:

    lols, cant resist to laugh when my character come in finalists list, i really made it just for fun and joke among my busy week 😀

    great work tarka, as usual, your’s always amazing!

  12. abominal401 says:

    Amazing work everybody and thanks Tarka…also congrats to you and the other contestants!

  13. Keith_Kanin says:

    I feel honored to have been included with so many great works on my first time out. Thanks to Tarkabarka for the kind words and advice. I will have to remember that in the future.

  14. The Imp says:

    Congrats, Tarka! A well-deserved win.

    I think my favorite was ‘Lucky Tree’ by (I think) Atomic Punk, simply because it was so funny it made me spit soda all over my keyboard. 😀

  15. dblade says:

    Congrats on the win, Tarka! You really take chances and put together very cool pieces.

    Now watch your back…

    No reason. 🙂

  16. headlessgeneral says:

    Congats to all the finalist with extra special congrats to Tarkabarka! I’m a big fan of your work and it’s great to see you get the win!

  17. PapaKrok says:

    Tarkabarka!! I bow to you!!! Seeeeee….aren’t you glad you enetered now? Great work! Congrats all!

    PS I think Dblade’s sneaking up on you ….. :0

    Atomic competition HM Masters!!!!!

  18. Tarkabarka says:

    Thank you all. I can’t wrote more.

  19. Trekkie says:

    Congrats Tarkabarka, great entry!
    And well done to all the finalists, I really loved those entries.

  20. cro says:

    Great work to all.
    And I missed again to participate, F***.
    Being honest my favourite is Frost Duchess.

  21. Kaldath says:

    Congrats TarkaBarka well deserved win

  22. Jack Zelger says:

    Congrats, Tarka. And it was nice of you to comment on every other finalist.

    Thanks for including me, Jeff! That name generator really is a nice little creative jumpstart. I never go for any horror kind of theme, but the silly name “Cyberlizard” just led me there.

  23. Darth_neko says:

    Congratulations to all who participated!! I love it all!!