Friday Night Fights 3 Final Results

I've had a great time watching the amazing teams you all put together for the third Friday Night Fights. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity, time, and passion with everyone else, it's definitely appreciated.

After five weeks of challenges, we've arrived at last at the final vote. After careful vetting by the accounting firm of Polldaddy & Polldaddy, here are your final results. The winner of Friday Night Fights 3 is ...

Congratulations to DiCicatriz! That was an impressive, and in many ways subtle, group design. MartianBlue also had some killer characters and is a more than worthy runner-up. If we hold to serve as we have in the past, next time out he should win it all, since it appears the previous contest's runner-up has won each time out. Weird!

In the Consolation Round, the results are:

Well done, AJW! Let me know what you'd like for your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, commented, and/or voted! Just as a final capper, here are all the results compiled into one list. If you're on here and haven't told me yet what you want for your prize, please let me know.