Can someone explain WTH is happening here?

(From "Weird Comics" number 17, 1941.)

11 Responses to Can someone explain WTH is happening here?

  1. Trekkie says:

    I’d guess that the Eagle is smashing a gang of Nazi Fifth Columnists after treachery enter the ranks of army command.
    Who the Eagle is, which ones the fifth columnists are and how this treachery entered I’ve no idea.
    So, no idea really.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    I honestly can’t figure out what’s going on there to the right. I guess his little buddy is flipping a bad guy over his head, but why are their heads mashed into one? Why is there a giant yellow bag involved? Are they Siamese twins joined at the crown of the skull?

  3. Jinkiezoinks says:

    In the words of Lurr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8. This image both confuses and angers me!!

  4. Frankie says:

    I guess he pulled a Jackie Chan manuever. The kid caught the Nazi’s punch with a plastic bag, turned himself around and flipped the guy over his back.

  5. Vampyrist says:

    To me it looks like the kid is kissing the other guy who is wearing yellow vest.

  6. thejay says:

    I think the eagle is the eagle-shaped word baloon. It’s crashing the composition like a cop in a loud party. It’s unusual for a word baloon to refer to itself (especially in third person) but hey, why else is it called “Weird Comics”?

  7. Doornik1142 says:

    I think he (she?) is Judo-flipping a bad guy wearing a yellow shirt and purple pants. It’s very badly drawn, though. I’m guessing this was a very small drawing that’s been blown up and cropped into this image.

  8. Wulf says:

    It seems to me that the Nazi emblem of an eagle has decided to turn against its creators, “smash” them, and then get a cheap job as a speech bubble for a cheesy comic.

  9. spidercow2010 says:

    It’s just bad draftsmanship.
    The flippee is wearing a yellow trenchcoat or something (Dick Tracy! NO!) which is falling down over his head as the little buddy (who does look feminine) is flipping him. Both their heads are obscured by the coat. I’m guessing he snuck up on her like a 5th columnist and she pulled him over her shoulder with some cutting-edge Jiu Jitsu. She may be kissing him, but I think that would confuse the plot.
    On the left, there’s a guy smoking a really stinky cigar, which has everyone nearby, especially the guy in the red scarf–which make him look very dissolute and European– reeling from the fumes.
    It all makes me wonder how often treachery entered the ranks of the army command, that we needed the Eagle AND the Eaglette (or whatever) to smash it on a regular basis.

  10. The Hero Master says:

    Well i would assume that one of the heros might be “The Eagle”, And he might be the one flipping the “Bad Guy” over his head.

  11. spidercow2010 says:

    No comment by me is really necessary, except: I counted. Unless I missed one, 7 deaths in 10 pages-