Friday Night Fights 3, Round 1: Martial Artists

With great pleasure, I present Round One of Friday Night Fights 3, featuring the following fantastic fights:

As a quick review, there are eight head-to-head contests this week. You can vote once in each matchup for your favorite. The winner of that fight moves on to face the winner of the next bracket, so the first-place finisher in the Kaldath-Asder poll will meet the winner of the borntobealoser-headlessgeneral match in week 2.

Good luck to our top 16! Note that you can click on the image in the poll to see it full-size.

Kaldath vs. Asder

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  • Kaldath's Kunoichi of "Gal Force": Kunoichihas natural instinctive combat abilities. A highly proficient warrior no matter who her opponent is however she becomes more skilled the more powerful and skilled her opponent is.
  • Asder's Wei Feng the X-2, of "X-5": There isn´t much known about Feng´s past. A very peaceful and calm person, respected around the world for his power and wisdom. He is the world greatest martial artist, a master in every single fighting style. He is also a great and powerful swordsman, being able to cut diamonds with a single swing and fight with three swords at the same time. He is the fastest member of the elite. Having overdeveloped senses too, he is able to feel the enemy presences. Feng is so powerful that only his will power can overwhelm his enemy and paralyze him or even knock him out.

DiCicatriz vs. Imp

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  • DiCicatriz' Synapse of "Quintessence": A mysterious figure unearthed during one of Flux's archaeological expeditions, Synapse was empowered by the science of an ancient civilization to be the guardian of its people. They were unable to release him from his hibernation chamber during the cataclysm that destroyed them and he spent millennia in suspended
    animation. Unearthed in contemporary society, Synapse joined Flux as his protector, hoping to make up for his failure so many centuries ago. Synapse has the ability to read and manipulate biological nervous systems, able to disrupt them on physical contact. He also possesses an inhuman tolerance to pain, able to numb the pain centers in his brain. Synapse requires very little sustenance or sleep, going weeks without food or water and months without sleep with seemingly no ill effects. He is a tireless protector and an unstoppable warrior.
  • Imp's Patriot of "The Fighting Five": See image.

AMS vs. Marquis Samedi

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  • AMS' Crimson of "Red Dawn": Master of all forms of hand to hand combat; Master swordsman, prefers her katanas given to her by her father; Marksman with all handheld projectile weapons; Body armor functions as throwing blades.
  • Marquis Samedi's Martial Law of "American Imperialist League": The aptly named Martial Law was a US sponsored soldier tasked to maintain the Marcos dictatorship, brutally subjugating any signs of resistance. Although the reign of martial law finally ended with the Philippines achieving statehood, the reputation of the brutal enforcer remained, leading to a number of successors wearing the same costume and fighting for the American Empire.

Martian Blue vs. Frevoli

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  • Martian Blue's Specter of "Midnight Mavericks": “Flashback of A Fool” (the origin of Specter)
    - *Screech* tires peel out. Struggling to focus his eyes, he turns his head to the left, coming to rest against the rain soaked pavement, his partner lie dead, a bullet wound through the chest, the last image he would ever see through his own eyes; “Specter”(s) memory running rampant as he crossed the rooftop quickly and silently, as if walking on the very air; “…Sir? Officer… …You’re lucky to be alive… …were shot in the head… …We managed to remove the bullet…”; Peering through an open window, he takes notice of a drug deal directly below him. Holding his right hand up to his ear com, “…We’ve got em’…”; Feeling sorry for himself, he had all but given up refusing to even get up from his hospital bed, until he was involuntarily dumped into the floor. He came up swing all over the place, “…Stand still you son of a…”, shortly after he tired out and collapsed. “…Now are you ready to quite feeling sorry for yourself?...”, a voice asked, “…I can help you, if you’re willing to let me…”; “…Hold position Specter…”. “…I’ve got you this time, you bas…”, he said with contempt as he recognized the man below; A young boy came running around the corner, sliding as he met the curb, an officer right behind him, “…Stop him…”, he yelled to his fellow officer talking up a woman. The officer barely turned to face the boy, just letting him go on by, before turning back to the woman, “…Not my problem…”. Later on that same day, during a routine traffic stop for a broken taillight, two officers are shot, one dead and the other critically wounded, by the very same boy, now driving a stolen car; “Specter” leaps through the window, his shadow engulfs the man below; “…Now that you can manage without your eyes, and now know a handicap can be overcome, and trained to an advantage, I know someone who can give you new eyes, “…meet my friend “Cog”…”.
    - Specter/Martial Artist – Team Role: Infiltration & Stealth / Abilities: Acute Hearing, Advanced Training including Hand to Hand, Weapons, and Stealth, Enable/Disable Robotic Eyes with numerous modes including Night Vision, Infared, Camera Projection, etc.
  • Frevoli's Starr Flagg of "V Group": Starr Flagg (aka Undercover Girl) doesn’t have any powers, but what she does have is a very particular set of skills; skills she has acquired over a very long career working with the CIA, FBI and US military. An expert fighter in several martial arts (mostly judo), a talented marksman and with a penchant for disguise – these skills make her a nightmare for criminals. Feeling solidarity with the banned heroes, she resigned from government work and instead opted for freelance assignments. However whilst storming a militant compound in the mountains, she received a message – chaos in the city, police overrun. With that she jumped on her motorbike, and raced towards the trouble.

Papa Krok vs. Myro

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  • Papa Krok's Takkouri of "Lason Daga Contingency":
    Name: Luce Lee
    Specialty: Discapoeira / Funk Fu Master
  • Myro's Riposte of "New World Order": A doctor-warrior, Riposte's comprehensive knowledge of anatomy means that she can either dispatch you in the most efficient way possible, or patch you up after she's finished you off. Complete story link here.

Vampyrist vs. AJW

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  • Vampyrist's Bandit of "The Exemplars": Bandit is Terry Holt, a fighter who grew up on the streets. He was once in a gang of superpowered peoples residing in the chinatown of Chicago. When he saw one of his friends murder someone in cold blood, he tried to reform himself. He would help Aegis take down his former friends in his first act of heroism. It would not be his last. He can manipulate the nervous system, which he uses alongside chakra points to defeat his enemies.
  • AJW's Cuervo Bronce (Spanish for Brass Raven) of "Metanoir": Bronce was once a professional Champion luchadore in Mexico so he knows all the moves of the trade, as well as some ju-jitsu, Bronce is also endowed with the power of the Thunderbird, capable of attacking with fierce electrically charged attacks.

Watson Bradshaw vs. Tarkabarka

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  • Watson Bradshaw's Ankshir of "The HydroNauts": One of the Under-dwellers who due to living in high pressure waters has quicker reflexes and tougher skin, he uses a special pressure suit to combat the effects of life in the Persephone.
  • Tarkabarka's Taisen the Cherry Blossom Warrior: When the young Sakura McAndrews has seen the death of her aunt's she collapse. Aunt Jenny's was raised her since her parents deaths, and her death very shooked her. The aunty went down to the store only for a box of milk, but by the way there was a gang war. Fired a shot and Aunt Jenny lied to the ground in a spreading a red patch on her chest. Sakura camed for high school home when she saw her aunt lying on the ground. The good high school students whose excellent athletes and fencer, and she played guitar only for hobby, after the death of her only relative was completely changed. In the next two years, she drinks alcohol and used drugs and she only wanted to die. After s riotous night a drunken gang grabbed the girl when she full drunked and they tooked all of her money and the rest of the gang raped her. Sakura lying in her own blood and she wanted to die, but she a little later fall unconscious. She perked up in a hospital. The doctors said it was a superhero who caught the band members and urgent for her to hospital. Sakura in the hospital is rethinking her life and decided that if I can help others whom are also need helping.

    Bypassing the hospital, he stopped drinking and drug use. He enrolled in a college and resumed the exercise and fencing practices. In the college Sakura joined by a girl rock band named by Vampire Eat BloodCake. The band became quite successful and the young girl began implementation of her plan. As always on stage wearing a mask she thought the criminals will never know who she is. She painted her hair pink and she wear red black dress and a unique Katana which blade is made with blue steel. She took the name TAISEN which means in Japanese word War. Taisen is very blood thirsty, and never let the criminals alive. Fast Jack saw what she doing for her victims, and he stopped by serious difficulties to not kill the criminal. He offered her the possibility of connection. Sakura's know it her last chance to join the RED EAGLES because she felt too much blood sticks to her hands. The in the EAGLE’s she trying to rule her bloodthirsty, and she try to kill only if she haven’t got any choice.

    Strength: Perfect athletic and fencing skills and inhuman speed and dexterity.

    Weakness: Blood Thirsty – Never let her enemy alive if they either innocent or not.

Headlessgeneral vs. Borntobealoser

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  • Headlessgeneral's Sutol of "The Stars": None given.
  • Borntobealoser's Mantis of "Hive Force": Mantis is a master of many martial arts, but prefers to use his Praying Mantis style while in battle. Jumping at the opportunity to join the insect-themed Hive Force, Mantis has adopted two unique blades to better become the mighty insect he has named himself after.