Friday Night Fights 3: Consolation Round 1

As you can see, there are some fantastic Martial Artists whose teams unfortunately did not make it into the top 16. But never fear, you can still see and vote for your favorites! No stories in the consolation rounds due to time and space constraints, but the images speak for themselves.

Good luck everyone! You can vote for your top five, but only once. Click on an image to see it at its largest size.

24 Responses to Friday Night Fights 3: Consolation Round 1

  1. Kaylin88100 says:

    Wow, there’s some good ones here! 🙂
    None of them are as good as the ones that got through though. Interesting that.

  2. Jessica says:

    Yeah, some people just know how to do it. I’m still trying to come up with what I want but it’s a long process. I need more time to do this too.

  3. Gero says:

    Here’s the bio on my guy, for anyone who wants to read it:

    Martial Artist: Crimson
    Bio: The infiltation expert of the team, Crimson is a master of several forms of martial arts, and an unequalled hand-to-hand combatant. Thanks to his training, he is able to move silently, and get past any defenses. He also wears a uniform equipped with a light-refracting cloaking device, allowing him to become almost invisible in an instant.

  4. The Imp says:

    That pose on Dr. Sancks is fantastic.

  5. kyle says:

    Here’s the bio
    The Twins:
    Valerie the vampire and Hillary the werewolf
    when Valerie and Hillary were walking home form the midnight bash party ,while nearly half a mile away form their house
    they been separately attack by two different mythology creatures Valerie was attacked by a vampire while Hillary was being devalued by a hungry werewolf.

    when the furious attack was over both realize they had gain special powers ,their lives had been change.

    Valerie had gain the powers of flight,super speed and strength

    Hillary had gain the powers of animal instincts.

  6. Superfan1 says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. VonMalcolm says:

    @Kaylin88100: I somewhat agree, but there are a few here I really like, possible even more than a few in the lower tier of the Winner’s Bracket: especially Purple Pentagram and Quicksand (with TOOL’s overall concept being one of my faves).

    @Superfan1: Cool Pose: I can’t help but think: ‘Carrot Top on the Attack’ taking his frustrations out on a Heckler in a Comedy Club!

  8. VonMalcolm says:

    Tiger Dao’s Bio:

    Martial Artist: Tiger-Dao:

    Tiger-Dao is the Grand Martial Artist of the Tiamat Triads; he is a master of Hei-Hu-Quan (Black Tiger Fist) and Fu-Jow-Pai (Tiger Claw System) Kung Fu, both of which focus on maximizing one’s external powers. In weapon use, he specializes in Flying Claws and Tiger Hook Swords. Tiger-Dao’s ability to fight his way out of trouble has put him in close proximity with the Opium dealing Wolves of the Dark Triads and the Opium producing Bengal Tigers of India. Some wonder if he has gotten too close to the Opium Trade and if that trade has made its way into his veins…

  9. VonMalcolm says:

    I also like Shadow a lot.

  10. Frevoli says:

    Brons – I’m not sure how practical a boob window is on armour, but I like it all the same
    Cliff – nice setting
    Hyperanthropos – it’s my boat 🙂
    Kyle – cool pose
    Skybandit – he looks handy
    superfan1 – bam!
    Trekkie – nice action shot
    Xion Unborn – awesome

  11. Worf says:

    @Superfan1: Nice use of the forums for that pose! 😉

  12. Jessica says:

    Yeah, I have to say, this is one of my weaker ones. I was going for some kind of martial arts pose but it was really hard to get right. I’ll get it eventually. Just have to keep trying.

  13. TOOL says:

    Glad people like mine, Mercwithamouth’s stood out to me as well. Good luck all.

  14. Cliff says:

    TEAM: Tsunami Force
    NAME: Oni
    REAL NAME: Unknown
    POWERS: Ninja trained Martial Artist
    His mutant power seems to be his knowledge of almost any martial arts form along with his
    Speed, dexterity, higher endurance and constitution.
    Various martial arts manuevers include:
    Move Silently,
    Hide in Shadows,
    Multi Attacks,
    Circle Kick,
    Flying Kick,
    Back Kick,
    Choke Hold,
    Locking Block,
    Prone Fighting,
    Missle Deflection,
    Iron Fist,
    Crushing Blow
    Instant Stand,
    Paralyzing Touch,
    All Around Sight,
    Weapon Catch,
    Weapon Break,
    All Around Sight,
    Blind Fighting.
    Hallucinagenic Smoke capsules to assist coming and goings.
    HISTORY: Very little is know about Oni other than he is presumed to be an orphan and was trained by an assassin organization, but somehow managed to break free from it.
    Oni took the image of the demon Oni to strike fear in his foes. He was the last member to join Tzunami Force, invited by Tek.
    Oni is a mystery, rarely sharing his background with his group.
    Due to the Kami’s use of the Cerebral Enhancer Oni could Blink – Teleport short bursts.

  15. Cliff says:

    Thanks for the kinds words Frevoli. I admit I did this one first of all five entries and really liked him.

  16. Cliff says:

    alphaalpharomeo – very clean, love the colors, the web adn over all costume design

    Kyle – I love the girl’s leaping pose!

    Xon Unborn – I really love the colors and the scarab and wave designs

  17. Gene says:

    If anyone is interested in Zero:
    The Young Mutants

    The Young Mutants exist in a world where most of the superhuman population has been exterminated, leaving few super powered beings behind. Mutants are hunted and dealt with as they are discovered. Most are quietly disappeared by Homeland security as potential terrorist threats.

    The Young Mutants are second generation heroes, children of the Atom, second generation X-men

    Zero is the son of Agent Zero and Psylocke. He inherited virtually all of his abilities from his father – he is super-humanly dexterous, graceful, and quick. He has trained heavily in several forms of marital arts with some of the worlds foremost experts. He is accomplished with Hands or blades, but prefers firearms.

  18. I believe my gadgeteer finished last in the opening round. Drat. I’m still having fun. Even in this consolation bracket, there are some real good characters.

    As the contest progresses, I will post links to my vanquished entries. Here is my Martial Artist: King.

  19. Hyperanthropos says:

    @frevoli: Thanks for noticing.It is my hommage to the movie: “It came from beneath the sea” from 1955 with Kenneth Tobey, Faith Domergue. The creature effects were made by the one and only Ray Harryhausen!

    @trekkie: Great action shot. Wish I had thought about that.

    Anyway, here is my character’s bios:

    Agent Kanahele
    Agent James “Jim” Kanahele; Son of a Native-Hawaiian and a Chinese-American. Since his father had a job as a goverment official and his mother came from a wealthy background, Kanahele’s life is not excatly a “from-rages-to-riches” story. He still had to overcome great social prejudice and prove his worth as a soldier during WWII. Jim succeeded with great dificulties into entering the FBI. He is an exceptional fighter, skilled in the Filipino martial art Eskrima and Japanese Jujutsu. The eternal struggle between trying to fit in the world and remembering his roots, puts Agent Kanahele under great stress. Having a good sense of humor, he does like the bamboo: he bends, but never breaks.

  20. Phatchick says:

    In case anyone is interested:
    Malachite, aka Marlene Brackett is an expert fighter. Trained in wushu (the fighting style David Caradine popularized in Kung Fu) she’s also an expert in Karate and both western and eastern swordfighting styles.

  21. MartianBlue says:

    Personally I think some of these are just as good as the ones that went through, some are better, some not so much, it’s all just opinion.

    My Votes
    King -“Damning Eyes”(atomic punk)
    Scarlett -“Red Gang”(brons)
    Oni -“Tsunami Force”(cliff)
    Shadow -“Crimson Cyndicate”(jamesinchains)
    Quicksand -“Sand Vipers”(tool)

    My Favoirte
    Quicksand -“Sand Vipers”(tool)

  22. TOOL says:

    @MartianBlue, thanks, it really means a lot coming from a Power User such as yourself.

  23. dblade says:

    @TOOL (22): I have to agree with MartianBlue. Sand Vipers is one of my favorites too. I think your Gadgeteer design was great too but I found the wrench insignia shapes in the background distracting and made it hard to evaluate the piece as a whole. I took the liberty of erasing them for myself and I must say it improved my opinion of the piece. You should have been a contender!

  24. TOOL says:

    @dblade, I was trying to make like a wrench boomarang, kinda like the one my character has in six gun shooter i think its called, its a FB game. I always seem to come up with a good idea but either go too far or not add enough. Thanks for the liking though. Check out the rest of the tem sometime.