Caption Contest 108 Winners

We had a lot of great entries for Caption Contest 108 (Talk Like a Pirate Day). As usual, I've gone through and picked out the ones I thought were the funniest for your enjoyment:

  • Dan Gonzalez: Whaddaya mean the Village People auditions were yesterday!?!
  • alphaalpharomeo: I have Davey Jones Locket
  • Rick: Raid! Pilfer! Makeover!
  • ams: All you can eat shrimp? Set sail to the Red Lobster, maties!!
  • Frevoli: Hand over the Black Pearl! It’d go great with my white gold earring
  • Frevoli: All me movies be rated arrrrrh!
  • Big Mac: I’ll be taking your treasure AND your booty, YARRGH!
  • Vampyrist: Flower Power, bitches.
  • The Atomic Punk: Shiver me timbers and minnie me pearls!
  • Knighthawk: I like big boats and I can not lie!
  • Rendu: Hey, everybody! It’s ‘Talk Like An Office Worker Day’ Let’s all enjoy free donuts in the break room!
  • Galactic Ketchup: Tis I, Captain John Swallow!
  • Sutter_Kaine: Arr! I be barred from coming within 20,000 leagues of an elementary school!

Out of those very strong contenders, I had to pick just one to be the overall winner. It was a tough call, but ultimately I went with ... Knighthawk!

Rendu was a razor-close finisher as well, but I just couldn't get the dialog to fit in the balloon without looking really tight.

Congratulations to Knighthawk and all the other Finalists!