Man of Steel Updates

It seems like every Wednesday when I sit down to do my Bad Super Costume post, a new set of stills from the latest comics set is released instead, so I find myself talking about that.

Sure enough, more photos from "The Man of Steel" filming are out, and I have to say a lot of my big concerns from last time have been allayed. I'll just post them all and then comment afterwards:

My big beef with the costume originally was the lack of separation between the upper and lower portions. But in these shots you can see they have a fair bit of what I'm calling "Kryptonian flair" going on that really helps. I like the way they've made the tunic taper down into a belt buckle/fastener -- the edging along the bottom of that serves as a de facto belt and does provide some separation, particularly when you consider how it'll look all big and juicy on the screen.

Speaking of looking big and juicy on the screen, I am betting the explanation for the super crotchetorial region is an integrated cup. Which is actually a pretty good idea. Or would be, if you didn't have Nuts of Steel.

In the second shot, from the side, you can see more of the Kryptonian flair wrapping around to reinforce the whole faux belt notion. I also like the wraparound leg piping, that provides some needed relief in the lower body. The wrist cuffs do the same for the arms.

In the last shot, where they're debuffing his head, I think you get a good sense for some of the subtle muscle modeling they've done in the costume. Cavill's already pretty buff, but this definitely enhances the necessary super beefiness you expect out of the character. The built-in hex texture also works pretty well in my opinion.

Ultimately I actually find myself liking this. I'd still prefer a bit more color in the belt area, but that's a fairly minor nit. Overall I think this is a good compromise between the classic primary color spandex and the necessities of showing a real human being on the big screen.

What are your thoughts?

(Images via Project Rooftop. Which is the best super costume redesign site on the Net, if you don't have it bookmarked already, get busy!)