Caption Contest 101 Winners!

With thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 101, I've gone through the submissions and picked out the ones I thought were funniest:

  • ajw: Reagan, it’s Gorbachev, what are you wearing right now?
  • Joshua: With my ventriloquism powers, I shall seduce this clown!
  • Myro: “Evacuating bladder now.”
  • Rick: “Now I’m doin’ the thinkin’ AND the talkin’!”
  • Dan Gonzalez: “Sentient Belt no longer wishes to be affiliated with Loserman and Clownboy.”
  • von Bek: Electrifying chasity belt active! Step away from the clown!

And the winner of either any item they like to be included in HM3 or their own Sketch of the Day style illustration is ... ajw, with his first Caption or Character Design victory!

I like that he noticed a resemblance that had completely escaped me, and I love the idea that Reagan and Gorbachev routinely engaged in telephonic cosplay. That's probably why the Soviet Union collapsed.

Congratulations to AJW and all our Finalists!