Caption Contest 101

With hearty thanks once again to Glenn3's "Say What? Pictures", your challenge this week is to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel:

The best entry (as judged by yours truly) wins the author's choice of either any item they like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration (you pick the subject, I draw it however I like).

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny! That might be a challenge given the nature of this week's panel, but I'm sure you can pull it off. So to speak.

This week we have a cap of no more than five (5) entries per person, so make 'em your best!

89 Responses to Caption Contest 101

  1. “Belt calling wristwatch! Come in wristwatch!”

  2. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    1)Stop it’s hammer time.

    2)…..So tehn the second muffin turns and says “Holy crap a talking muffin”

    3)Listen clown….even I’m bigger then you.

    4)This just in from WNR radio.

    5)Um….Is it alright if I ask a question…I’m just sick of raising my hand.

  3. 1.Hi yer friend willy here, just wanna say wear less spandex! I’m dying in here!

    2.Your phone’s on your belt? Glad we can’t facetime this chat.

    3.Come on man,red? I told ya gold goes with the blue belt!

    4.I am c3pOh my!

    5.Reagan, it’s Gorbachev, what are you wearing right now?

  4. “Ouch!WTF are you doing?!”

  5. To any curious parties, this frame is from a Dell Publishing comic book called “Super Heroes”. Four teens have the power to send their minds into four super powerful androids bodies.


    Mr. Q

  7. FYI, I so don’t go with this outfit

  8. 1. “Luminous Man! Stop wasting time with that clown!”



  9. I’m afraid I can’t let you do that Dave

  10. Belt says “Do not get aroused it give the mighty clown midget power!”

  11. Angels? Sorry, wrong number

  12. 1. Could you stop by the store and pick-up a few things?

    2. To continue in English press “one”.

    3. A sales representative is standing by.

    4. So what are you wearing?

    5. The “L” stands for “Loser”! Ha ha!

  13. Cool, thanks Danny!

  14. 1)Warning!Critical wardrobe malfunction in 3..2..1
    2)Hello Lenerd ,YOUR COSTUME SUCKS!!!
    3)Hi this is your pants talking ,I’m running away to join the circus!Come on Bo-Bo lets go.
    4)Leslie it’s your mom ,meet my new boyfriend Honko the Clown!
    5)Hey Clown stop looking at me with that grin on your face!

  15. “I’m Hungry. Get in mah belly!! I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs.”

  16. 1. Let me out!
    2. My eyes are up here.

  17. 3. Excellent work, Zonko. We’ve finally captured Litigation-Man.

  18. Congressman Weiner to Captain Liberal, Congressman Weiner to Captain Liberal…

  19. What the L?
    Feed me, Seymour!
    Don’t buckle-down for that clown!
    This is your gut, and I’ll tell you how I’m feeling!

  20. “Midsection man away!”

    “That’s right, it was me. No one ever suspects the belt. HA HA HA!”

    “I know you’re working right now, but could you clean your drain hair out of the shower?”

    “You didn’t get me a Christmas present. Well how about I just tell all these nice people your one weakness, huh?”

  21. “Over compensating for something? Boy, you’re telling me!”

  22. “If you don’t change your wardrobe, I’m never gonna see any action!”

  23. “Welcome to Lipsmacker’s. Can I take your order?”

  24. “I’m not home! Leave a message after the beep. *BEEP* Hi, it’s your mother. I guess you’re playing with your friends. Call when you get home.”

    I wonder if Ki-Adi-Mundi the clown (did you look at his face?) feels embarrased.

  25. Woops, I meant head, sorry.

  26. Avatar Danny Beaty

    @Jeff: You’re welcome!

  27. 1). WARNING! Clowns may cause erectile dysfunction!

    2). ATTENTION LADIES! There is a party in these pants!

    3). With my ventriloquism powers, I shall seduce this clown!

    4). Hey clown, take a picture it’ll last longer!

  28. It’s a shame there’s only one speech bubble. If there were two I’d have a really good one.


    “Oh no! My penis has been infected with the zombie plague!”

  29. 1. “Evacuating bladder now.”

  30. Avatar MartianBlue

    This and alphaalpharomeo’s entrant makes me think of a capoeira style character whose belt is tuned to a set radio station.

  31. 1) Na na na na na na na na na na na na na… LAME-MAN!

  32. 1. “You skipped the date with the redhead for this???”
    2. “Now I’m doin’ the thinkin’ AND the talkin’!”
    3. “Yikes! A midget clown! Boy your lucky these shorts are black!”
    4. “Let’s get em! Wait, is that Wonder Woman over there?”

  33. “Bobo the clown, we have just finished installing those bombs in the ten- oh wait, silly me wrong number.”

    “Warning, this human will self destruct in 5..4..3..”

  34. I should have listened to my mom and been Batman’s Utility Belt instead of being on this loser!

  35. “Eeeeee! This has only been a test. We now return you to your regular progrmming.”

  36. “….Be on the lookout for a middle-aged man in a yellow, black and blue Halloween costume.”

  37. 1): Rangers, come quick! Zordon’s in trouble!

    2): Holy bat-jokes, Lame-Man, Mxyzptlk’s a circus clown!

    3): They cast Verne Troyer as Pennywise, head for the hills!

    4): Bruce, It’s Dick! Why is the Blindman’s costume missing from the vault?

  38. does anybody else notice how much he looks like ricky ricardo

  39. pyrodue760 (380: Bit of a stretch there, man. I don’t see Ricky, but I think ajw has a point about Reagan.

  40. 1)Who are you going to trust, that shady looking clown? or your own pants.

    2)I don’t know man he looks a bit iffy, and I don’t want to go back to that clinic anymore then you do.

    3) Clowns again? I knew I should of taken that job holding up Batmans pants!

  41. “HELLO DENVER! wow, guess I can really belt it out, but seriously folks…”

    “…and his summer camp in high school, a lot of ‘experimenting’ there, oh boy!”

  42. Avatar DaRumblyTank

    “Why am I, a talking belt, not represented in Heromachine?”

  43. “That’s right, all the tea!”

  44. “Your time has expired. Please insert coin to continue.”

  45. 1. KHHAAAAANN!!
    2. um, excuse me here – could I say something please… DOWN HERE YOU FOOL!!!

  46. “lemonade! Get it while it’s warm…er, cold!”

  47. 1. Attention K-Mart shoppers, there is a sale on… Whoops! wrong channel!
    2. For the love of God, man! Couldn’t you have skipped the prunes just once?!
    3. I can’t take it anymore!

  48. Sorry just a couple more:

    1. Georgie, this is your mother calling, don’t forget to pick up the drycleaning…
    2. Attention! Explosion imminent!
    3. Is that a midget clown? RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

  49. Avatar spidercow2010

    LIEFELD! Are you done researching how to draw bigger feet yet?!

  50. 1: “Erection Alert! What’s with you and clowns, Larry?”
    2: “The Cyborg Naval will save the day!”
    3: “Andre to Blackhawk! Zees new costumes zuck!”
    4: “Don’t look now, but the clown’s checking out your butt!”
    5: “How’s the undercover circus work going, Batman?”

  51. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    “Sentient Belt no longer wishes to be affiliated with Loserman and Clownboy.”

  52. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    1) And now I’d like to belt out some tunes.
    2) Guess who wears the pants in this relationship.

  53. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    3) Larry, it’s time we buckle down.
    4) Waist not want not. (Nothing’s funnier than homynym-based humor).

  54. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    5) Yellow is a fall color!

  55. 1. Electrifying chasity belt active! Step away from the clown!
    2. I know you wanted a talking pianist but let’s make do
    3. Get ready for your biggest trip yet LSD man!
    4. That’s right Lech man, I have totally control over you now, ha ha ha!
    5. Whoa, what the hell was that! Look what you’ve done to the wall! Man, I’d be shocked too!

  56. Avatar Sean From Edwards

    Warning Libido Man, arrousal imminent!!

  57. 1) Belly Button Powers Activate!

  58. 2) Mwahahahaha! Now I, Dr. Tapeworm, have you at my mercy!

  59. 3) Lazy-Man, remember to sneak past the clowns quietly!

  60. 4) For the love of god, somebody please get this man a new costume!

  61. “Pass the lotion please”

  62. Avatar Kaylin88100

    Waahh! I had I don’t know how many great characters saved on HM – and it just DELETED THEM ALL!!!!! HEEEEEEEELP!!!!

  63. Avatar Hammerknight

    “Eat another doughnut and I’m busted.”
    “So this is what you meant when you said you were out clowning around with the guys.”
    “Service clowns use back door.”
    “Enough of the “Ding Dong” jokes, I’m a belt buckle not a door bell.”
    “My belt buckle is a cell phone line is getting old.”

  64. “A clown? Sure! A midget? Why not! But I draw the line at a midget clown. You’re some twisted, buddy.”

  65. Welcome to Clown Burger. Can I take your order?

  66. “Hey honey, have you left to go to the zoo with your wife yet?”

  67. 4) she looks like a fat clown. I think I will let the brain win this round.

    5)Laughing man V.S. a clown! Oh the Irony!!

  68. Avatar Dr. Shrinker

    “Hey! You’re not The Red Bee!”

  69. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    I’d say it;s obvious:

  70. “The pants have spoken!”

  71. “Let’s just say the ‘L’ doesn’t stand for ‘libido'”

  72. 1) “Attention: 36-inch waist limit exceeded. Auto-removal procedure commences in five seconds.”

  73. 2) “Geez, Lenny, this belt-cam works like a charm, you think the clown suspects anything?”

  74. 3) “This is SPR: Sartorial Public Radio.”

  75. Hey Lenard, this is your Mutha! When your done playing with your clown freind I need you to buy a shtick o’ budda!

  76. “Ok tubby, you got to start watching what you eat, it’s starting to get a little tight down here!!”

  77. Oh so now that you’re mister bigshot superhero you’re too important to call your mother! If you were a doctor, God forbid, you would’ve called…but no you’ve gotta dress all fruity and make like a vigilante. So who are you fighting now, mister? I bet he calls his mother. I bet he…

  78. 1) “*oob*ch* NOW DIG THIS…Globetrotters, some idiot with an “L” symbol on his chest is intercepting our frequency. Your mission is to slam-dunk this jive turkey…Over and OUT.”

    2) “Honey, you’re belt-dialing me again, aren’t you?”

    3) “Help! Let me out of here!”

    4) “Anthony, this is your Weiner. I’m sorry, but I can’t go on like this. I need my privacy.

    5) “Put me in, Coach!”


  79. 2. “Warning! Warning! That clown is staring at your junk!”

  80. BONER ALERT!!!

  81. “You can´t marry him! He is a clown!”

  82. “Officer Morty to L-Man! Be warned, the assassin is dressed as a dwarf clown. Hey, did you remember to put your radio on earphone?”

  83. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    1) Giggity!

  84. wow, a clown and no one thought of this?
    “Ridi, pagliaccio,RIiiiiiDIii, PAGLIAaaaaaaaaCCO!”
    (Ridi, pagliaccio,
    al tuo amore spezzato.
    Ridere il dolore che avvelena il cuore.
    [Laugh, clown,
    at your broken love.
    Laugh at the pain that poisons your heart.]

  85. please disregard the first “Ridi, pagliaccio,” in the quote and only regard the caps version to emphasize the volume of the voice.

  86. We all float down here, Ritchie!

  87. “Hello LoserMan come in, can hear me well through the beltcom?”

  88. “Come in LOL-Man, that clown over there is not funnier than you. There is no need to kill him.”

  89. “OK! We’ll switch from AM frequencies so your next help request won’t get cut in on by ‘Send in the Clowns.'”