2011 HeroMachine Creators Club “Wanted” Poster

Hammerknight has absolutely knocked it out of the park with the 2011 HeroMachine Creators Club "Wanted" Poster. This thing is a real beauty, featuring some of the most prolific and talented creators who inhabit these here parts, each one done in an Old West "Wanted Poster" style. It's just great, and I can't thank Hammerknight enough for putting it together. Printed, it's 24"x36". Here's the web-sized version, with links to the big one and various smaller sizes after that so you can use it as wallpaper if you like.

Again, just a fantastic job, Hammerknight, thank you so much for putting this together. It's awesome!

Here are the links to the various sizes. Just right-click on the thumbnail and choose "Save Link As", or you can click on the link directly to be taken to the image itself, whereupon you can use the File Save option in your browser.