HM3: Chinese Zodiacs complete!

Be sure to thank Me, Myself, and I for providing the final set of awesome Chinese Zodiac items in Insignia-Nature, along with a specifically requested "Rod of Asclepius". Great job on these, MMI, thanks so much for your time and effort!

The cool thing about the zodiacs is that you can turn color2 completely invisible to get just the pictograph, or you can turn color1 and linecolor transparent to get the silhouette of just the animal for use as a tattoo or logo. Very clever.

6 Responses to HM3: Chinese Zodiacs complete!

  1. dblade says:

    Hey MMI! Thanks for all the cool symbols. These are great. Dragonpunk might need an update now.

  2. ajw says:

    hey lepus is there too!

  3. Solander says:

    Good one, love the them all!

  4. McKnight57 says:

    I just realized, if you double up the “rod os asclepius”, and then flip the send one, you could get a caduceus staff as well.

  5. Blue Blazer says:

    Year of the Cock FTW

  6. CKnap says:

    hey jeff, im not sure if you will see this right away but i was using the boxing glove in gloves left and it doesnt work, it will load the bladed glove above.