Super heroes make lousy parents

(via Comically Vintage.)

9 Responses to Super heroes make lousy parents

  1. Joe says:

    That’s just weird on so many levels.

  2. Me, Myself & I says:

    Restrained with the window wide open and loose bounds. Their intent wasn’t to keep him in was it? More like they were just trying to give him something to rebel against. Kind of like reverse psychology.

  3. punkjay says:

    How bad is this kid if his parents have to tie him up?

  4. McKnight57 says:

    What concerns me is that his legs look like Popeye’s arms? What are they feeding him, anti-spinach?

  5. Tool says:

    How come it looks like he was tied up with someones intestines lol

  6. X-stacy says:

    He looks so sad about not being tied up tightly. Like, if mummy doesn’t tie you tightly enough, it means she doesn’t love you. And that’s just so wrong. You should at least be old enough to date before bondage becomes this important in your life.

  7. Tool says:

    So bondage is important in your life? LOL The kid looks like he needs a sandwich, his arms and legs are all weird and the belly is distended like he is malnurished ( spell? )

  8. frankie says:

    That mouse is a shadow with it’s own shadow.

  9. X-stacy says:

    A shadow that’s clearly not being cast by the candle, at that. For that matter, the kid’s shadow doesn’t look like the candle can be casting it. …spooky….

    @Tool: Nah, bondage isn’t important to my life (I kinda get freaked out if I can’t move, always have), but you know, who am I to judge? As long as you aren’t hurting anybody (who doesn’t want to be hurt), knock yourself out. Or, er, knock someone else out. That kid’s still a little young, though. This comic would be seized at the Canadian border for sure!