HM3: Text save with custom colors

The "working" version of HM3 was just updated to support custom color loading. Your previously saved text strings should still work normally.

Note that you could now start a blank character, fill the entire set of Custom Color boxes, and save it as "Bob's Custom Colors".

Then whenever you started a new character up, you could first load "Bob's Custom Colors" and all of your Custom Color boxes would be immediately set and ready for use. That way if you come up with, say, your own unique set of team colors for a group you're building, or if you have a bunch of skin tones you've made that you like better than mine, you can have them saved and available for use whenever you want.

For the super-duper high-tech hacker-inclined out there, note that if you save a "custom color" blank character as text, you can manually edit the CustomColor entries with hex values in the order you want before using the Load as Text function.

As always, let me know how it goes and if you see any problems with this release. We're getting closer and closer to beta status, folks!