HM3: Wherein bugs are squashed and a question asked

With thanks to Panner and MMI, I've just updated the HeroMachine 3 Alpha with some more bug fixes:

  • The alpha transparency settings for all colors (especially color2) should now be working properly when you add additional items.
  • You can now switch on "Multiples", add two of the same item, switch to "Single", add a different item, and the previous items will correctly be removed without giving you "stuck" objects.
  • You can now drag items with the mouse wherever you want, even off-screen. Previously you were limited to dragging items only within the composition window.

Thanks to both of those folks for their excellent troubleshooting and bug reporting, it made squashing the bugs much much easier.

My question for you all regards automatic masking.

Currently, let's say you have one item (for example, a square insignia) masked to another (like a body). Here's how that looks:

But then you decide you want to add a second item from the same slot. In our example let's say we wanted to add the chevron insignia. We select "Multiples" in Insignia, then click the chevron. The old item, the square, becomes UNmasked from the body, and the new item, the chevron gets masked instead, like this:

The question is, when you add a second item from a given slot (like the chevron insignia), would you prefer that the masking on the previous item (the square insignia) stay applied? Or would you prefer to keep it like it is now, where masking transfers to the new item along with colors and such and the old item is unmasked?