HM3: Oops

Much to my dismay I have just discovered that at least one of the major changes I made to HeroMachine 3 got lost somewhere in the file confusion I had a couple of days ago. I haven't had the heart to check and see just how much of the bug fixing was destroyed. The backup I thought I had turned out to not be a backup, too. If I have to rewrite all the stuff I did last week ... man, I might have to cry.

In the morning when I am feeling better I will look into it further, but that's why all of a sudden things started coming up in the wrong slot, layers were hosed up, etc. It's because only some of the fixes turned out to be in the version I uploaded. I don't know what happened ... there was a weird episode where one of the working versions didn't load, and I renamed and reloaded some backups, and then ... I don't know. Feh.

More to come tomorrow when I know more. This sucks. But hopefully I can get it fixed sooner rather than later.