HM3: Human Heart

I've just posted B. Clouser's prize for winning Caption Contest 91, a realistic Human Heart:

It's now available in Insignia-Nature, at the very end.

7 Responses to HM3: Human Heart

  1. runt82 says:

    “Kali Ma… Kali Ma… Kali Ma Shakti de”

  2. B. Clouser says:

    Whoa. Came out awesome. Great work. Can’t wait to use it.

  3. B. Clouser says:

    Umgum Shebai. Umgum Shebai. Umgum Shebai.

  4. Brad says:

    Well, while we’re randomly quoting, I’ll go for Resident Evil 4’s famous line:

    Morir es vivir… morir es vivir…

    Muere muere muere…

  5. Joshua says:

    @runt82– You’ve betrayed Shiva!

  6. The Imp says:

    @runt82: EXACTLY what I was thinking. 😀

  7. Rendu says:

    You couldn’t have waited until Monday??:)