“Real world” costume critiques

Comics fans tend to spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about female super-hero outfits (raises hand), largely on the basis that they're "impractical". Black Canary comes in for her fair share, as it's hard to imagine doing acrobatic martial arts while wearing both spiked heels and a bustier.

But I think we tend to overlook that for the most part, male costumes are just as "impractical". Luckily, the Black Canary herself is here to disabuse us of our prejudices in a way only possible in comics:

Preach on, sister.

My question for you, Mr. or Miss or Ms. or Mrs. or Dr. Comics Fan, is what other costume elements that we usually don't think twice about would probably be insanely impractical were they to exist in reality?

The first one to come to mind for me has been remarked on many times, and is the utility of wearing a unitard all night long with no easy way to ... um, relieve yourself. Just, no. Give me a Bat-zipper or something.

Your turn!