Character Contest 52: Sagittarius

Known as the Centaur or the Archer to the Greeks, and "The Soldier" by the Babylonians, your challenge for this week is to design a character based on the concepts suggested by the Zodiac sign "Sagittarius". Some of the traits of a Sagittarius are:


  • Optimistic and freedom-loving
  • Jovial and good-humored
  • Honest and straightforward
  • Intellectual and philosophical


  • Blindly optimistic and careless
  • Irresponsible and superficial
  • Tactless and restless

But hey, we're not here to find a date, we're here to create kick-ass characters, right?! Obvious takes would be anything centaur-like, whether with a classic horse or some other beast (or cyborg, whatever), or anything archer-related.

Whoever comes up with the best character will win a) his or her choice of either any item they like to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version; b) a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version, or c) a "sketch of the day" style custom drawing. The rules are fairly simple:

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest -- we had an "Angels and Demons" contest and a "D&D Character" contest a while back, for instance, and I don't want repeats of stuff you already did for those;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose a winner, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration.

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

106 Responses to Character Contest 52: Sagittarius

  1. MScat says:

    Um…i think you have the rules for the random name contest on here by accident…or did you WANT us to use random names for this contest? 😉

  2. Airia says:

    I’m confused too. Do we have to make a Sagittarius pic based on the random name we got, or did you mix up 2 different contests?

  3. Asherian says:

    I’m assuming its a copy paste mistake, but to be on the safe side I’m making one thats a mix. Just to get started at least…

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oops! Sorry about that, yeah, I screwed up the cutting and pasting. My apologies.

    The post has now been corrected with the appropriate rules.

  5. ajw says:

    hey how do you save a wide shot picture?

  6. Chisoph says:


    And my favourite, 5461774R1U5:

    I like your bow & arrow Asder. It’s pretty epic.

  7. Chisoph says:

    @ajw, widescreen then print screen(prnt scrn), paste in paint or photoshop, crop, and save.

  8. JINx345 says:


    “Sagittarius and Elishiba”

  9. Asder says:

    @ajw,i also press F11 for full screen

  10. Vampyrist says:

    Here is my entry, Samantha Harlot, the heroine known as Sagittarius. She takes down criminals one arrow at a time.

  11. JINx345 says:



  12. Project: Archer
    Strategic Anthropomorphic Guardian Initiative (SAGI)

  13. ajw says:

    thanks asder and vampyrist ill try those.

  14. Asder says:

    Ilove Saint Seiya and i was inspired by the sagittarius armor but i tried to do something evil based on that armor and i got this.

  15. joel says:

    Dude! Nice evil archer!

  16. Fyzza says:

    Sagittarus has the powers of superspeed, mild superstrength, the ability to produce arrows from the palms of his hands in less than a second and can fire them up to a distance of 5 metres straight from his hand.

    I wanted to go with a darker approach to this rather than the guidlines Jeff put.

  17. joel says:

    entry #1

    Sagittarius, Divine protector of the universe.

  18. Bl0odStainedEyes says:

    Sagittarius, a maiden with a fiery soul, known to wander the mists bewitching travellers who stray too close, drawn in by her torches.

  19. MLS says:

    As promised, here is entry #2 in my cheesy GI Joe rip-off series “Zodiac Commandos”; Sagittarius–the sniper.

    Two down, ten to go.

  20. Jack Zelger says:

    Since I myself am a Sagittarius, I came up with what I believe is the ultimate one. Me. This is exactly what I look like as I post this. Um, well, maybe not the same size and muscle tone… 🙂

  21. Jeff Hebert says:

    Fyzza, pretty much anything goes, the stuff I mentioned was just to get people started. I applaud pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box and moving the cheese and all those kind of metaphors 🙂

  22. Airia says:

    Before going for the obvious I decided to do a picture based on Sagittarius’ traits.

    So I present the educator Metis:

    A teacher and philosopher whose motto is ‘success is built on knowledge and education.’

  23. Fyzza says:

    Ah, my speed-reading has failed me once again. I assumed they were guidelines which were based on the zodiac sign :S

  24. Kaldath says:

    Entry #1) The Sagittarius Combat Cyborg. Armed with pinpoint shoulder mounted laser, and a pair of highly destructive wrist mounted Missile systems, this production line will turn your every solider into a Mythological killing machine.

  25. Lime says:

    Walking through a misty forest, you come suddenly upon a clearing — and possibly the last thing you will ever see:


  26. borntobealoser says:

    Act of Discrimination

    This piece shows how Man would probably treat something as strange and different as centaurs if they existed.

  27. Idiosyncracy says:

    So, yeah. Going with the whole horsey thing was a bit too much for me, but I figured it was too long since I’d done a proper archer, so why not?

    Seeing as this is Sagittarius, I decided that it’d be kept rather simple. Though being direct and honest can be seen as positive attributes, it can lead to a simplistic view of the world, especially when combined with hopeless optimism. Though thoughtful and philosophical, my version of Sagittarius tilts a bit towards the idealistic.

    As for the desert, well… It _is_ a fire sign.

  28. Kaldath says:

    Entry #2) Sagittarius The Huntress

    Traveling From world to world through Dimensional Rifts, Sagittarius The Huntress Stalks her prey with the aid of her magical Long bow, which can generate and fire arrows of pure magical energy.

  29. ajw says:

    I still cant’ save wide shots any walkthroughs?

  30. Fyzza says:

    ajw – you need to manually print screen the image, using the heromachien save as .png/.jpj will save it with the default view.

  31. Oquies says:

    Its Sagittarius I don’t have any more back story then that.

  32. Jeff Hebert says:

    ajw (36):
    Enter wide-screen mode.
    Press the PRINTSCREEN button on your keyboard if you’re using Windows, or CMD-CTRL-SHIFT-4 on a Mac and drag the cursor around the area you want to capture).
    Open Paint or Photoshop or any other image editor and choose Edit-Paste.
    The screen capture should appear — export it as whatever you like.

  33. TheRandomHERO says:

    I played on two ideas, one male and one female. Hope you guys enjoy.

    Tarius, living up to the stereotypical character traits of a Sagitarius, not only does his name speak so, his personality does aswell. But do not underestimate is good nature or abuse his optimisum. Archaic as the bow may be, he is far more deadly with it than any man with a gun or otherwise.

    Philyra, named so after her mother, is the forgotten twin of Chiron. The legendary son of Philyra and Saturn, who became immortalized as the centaurus constellation or as we know him, Sagittarius.

  34. @Oquies: Wow! The rock silhouettes add so much to the perspective.

    @JINx345 & Bl0odStainedEyes: Welcome to HM!

    @JINx345: You need to upload your designs to a website for others to see them. You might want to check out websites facebook or imageshack for the How-To and a free account where you can post.

  35. RGWK says:

    When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword

  36. joel says:

    entry #3

    Sagittarius. “the soldier.” a master of the ancient lost Babylonian martial arts

  37. Sutter_Kaine says:

    SAGITTARIUS – Assassin and expert archer Amanda Gervais was recruited by the criminal organization Zodiac to fill the Sagittarius slot. She wears “hard light” projectors on her wrists that generate virtual crossbows capable of firing energy projectiles.

  38. Bl0odStainedEyes says:

    @ The Atomic Punk: Thank you very much *smiles*

  39. Fishsticks says:

    It’s only Tuesday and there sure are some nice entries posted. It’s exams time and I made this up during my snack break. I like it; simple and to the point.

    @Oquies (40) and @ajw (49): thanks for the inspiration.
    @Asder (45): That’s incredible.

  40. TheRandomHERO says:

    So being new to the HM community, and seeing as there is no limit to submissions I figured I’d do another, and get some of my ideas out there more. Enjoy.

    The year is 103 P.A. (Post Apocolypse)

    The centaur is a creature of legend from Earth’s ancient past, beings who are half-man and half-horse. Their origin is lost to antiquity.

    In the years sence the apocolypse the centaurs have returned, but they seem to have come from a more advanced world of unknown origin. The first were recorded about 30 years ago, around 73 P.A. At first they were believed to be strage bots or mutant animals, but now it is known that they are a race of tecnologically advanced centaurs.

    Their tech level apperars to be several degrees more than Pre-Apocolypse Earth, and have mastered the science of cybernetics and superior metal alloys.

    Rumor is they have come from a city call’d Ixion (eye-zon) on the planet Saturn. Ancient lore speaks of the god of Saturn being the father of the legendary Chiron, the Sagittarius constellation.

  41. Sajmo: A tribue to Louis Armstrong with a splash of Miles Davis

    * I already designed a musician for Scorpio, but I couldn’t resist the pun. “Sajmo”… “Satchmo”… Ask your parents, kids. ;p

  42. Jason22274 says:

    Justin Scholar was well known and respected amongst his peers, he even had hopes of one day sitting on the King’s advisory council. Those days are long past though, for his curiosity got the better of him, as it often the case of the breed. Unable to resist the temptation to learn about the fantastical Sagittarius Bow, he was stricken with its curse… and its blessings. A truer shot with a bow you will never find, and he never ages, but he is confined to the grove he found it in, and to leave is to die, just as its destruction is like a physical blow to him personally.

    And what’s with the crazy horse legs!?!

  43. I wanted to try something entirely different to the centaur-archer model so I decided to create this project:

    “Agent Sagittarius”:

    Project: “Agent Sagittarius”

    Ex count Ulrich Von Keizenburg considered himself to be an excellent scientist, a mechanical engineer and a historical expert in medieval weaponry. In the beginning of the Second World War, the Fuhrer had assigned a difficult task to all Reich scientists; he had ordered them to create the perfect weapon. There were mostly two perspectives dominant on the specific subject; either an item of advanced technological warfare (like a rocket or canon-based weapon) or a power-suited soldier that could easily penetrate the enemy lines and create severe damage to enemy troops and convoys.
    Von Keizenburg thought this would be his chance for glory and fame since he was until then just a mere mechanic and aeronautical designer for the Nazis. One cold night of December, while looking at the stars he came up with his idea of a perfect human weapon which he later called “Agent Sagittarius”. His general idea was to combine the contemporary technology with medieval weaponry, to create powerful exo-suits in which trained Nazi soldiers would be able to bring havoc to their enemies. The suit itself would make the soldier wearing it a true human weapon, a living crossbow to be exact, with the upper body (arms, head, upper torso) adjusted to the bow, while a huge arrow strapped with high density explosives would go through a big platform along the body, with a long metal string held by the soldier’s feet and preventing the arrow to be released. Because the original design was quite static and the soldier would be immobile due to the positioning and the feet holding the string of the huge bow, Von Keizenburg , based on old drawings of the Sagittarius star sign that depicted a Centaur holding a bow, added two extra mechanical limbs that would be projecting from the back of the suit-as extra legs- and instead of feet he adjoined two sets of rockets, that would give the wearer of the suit the ability to fly. The rockets as well as part of the bow mechanism, would be controlled by switches and buttons found on two metal grips adjusted and firmly held in both hands, extended at the end of the tips of the bow, whilst on the bottom of those grips the metal string would go through and extend to go all the way down to a very small platform, that would embrace the ready-to-launch arrow, partially held by the wearer’s feet. Von Keizenburg thought that his “perfect” human weapon would be exactly what the Fuhrer needed, since the exo-suits combined with trained Nazi commandos would be perfect for short distance flights and when releasing their explosive arrows they would deal great damage to enemy troops, convoys, even enemy tanks and artillery. Also the suited-soldiers as a target, by being so small and evasive, would not get easily caught amidst enemy fire or even shot down.
    After two weeks of hard work Von Keizenburg finally found some time to sleep, feeling very proud for his masterpiece. He was certain that his project would get him higher in the Nazi ranks. When the presentation day arrived, he was ready. At first he would have to go through a committee of scientists and high ranked officers in order to be granted the right to present his work to the Fuhrer. He had all the designs ready, he had even crafted a prototype lower scale model of the suit to show at the presentation. He entered the room full of confidence and certain for his victory. When he started talking everyone seemed interested, but then when he handed out the designs and pulled out the prototype model from his big leather bag, all he witnessed a rather unexpected reaction; He saw all members of the committee giggling at first, and then beginning to laugh hard at his designs, as well as the little crossbow-shaped miniature model. “What seems to be the problem?” he asked in an irritated tone. “The design is flawless, and I guarantee that the exo-suit will be 100% operational”. The laughing paused for a moment and the head of the committee, great Nazi scientist Joseph Herrund spoke in a rather condescending tone: “My dear, as a design it might be flawless, If YOU consider it to be, but you must understand that the Fuhrer is looking for the ultimate FUTURE weapon and not for a combination of medieval relics adjusted on space-rocket boots. And besides that, even If we decided to follow such a preposterous design, all the soldiers wearing those suits would be definitely killed before we even have the chance to deploy them for combat…” Von Keizenburg tried to speak “But, I am sure that…” the head of the committee interrupted in a quite strict tone this time, “That’s not what we want, now go, before you are taken and end up in a lunatic asylum”, “The only reason I am letting you out without “escort” is for the laugh you gave us”, “Begone, I said”…
    Von Keizenburg left. He was furious, hurt and completely devastated. He knew that he had lost his only chance to become a high ranking officer of the Reich. Most of all he could not withstand the failure. He knew that project “Agent Sagittarius” was never meant to go beyond his own lab’s doors. He went straight back to his workshop and in an outbreak of rage and madness he set it on fire. While everything was burning, he took a cyanide pill… After a while, when some soldiers came to extinguish the fire, everything had already been burnt to ashes, including Von Keizenburg’s corpse.
    Two months later a group of Nazi scientists and engineers started working on a prototype missile closely based on Von Keizenburg’s “rocket boots” design from his “Agent Sagittarius” project. The missile was later to be known as the “V-1 rocket”, and it was 100% functional…

  44. Frevoli says:


    Not wanting to be limited by a centaur (don’t you just hate it when that happens) I took some inspiration from Hawkman.

    In contrast to my Scorpio (who was more an intergalactic supernatural bounty hunter), I’ve made Sagittarius a well-to-do-man-about-town-concealling-a-superhero-identity type.

    Ron Turnner, CEO of Turntech Industries. Born December 1st, it was 30 years later when he first accepted his calling… well; he was bored and decided to join in the reccent Zodiac superhero craze (a story arc which shall be expanded upon, with the coming contests in the series)

    So, by “borrowing” some functioning prototypes from his company labs (equestrian trainer, robotic limbs, telecomunication, detection, etc) he fashions his in-fashion uniform.

    Yadda, yadda, yadda… SAGITTARIUS

  45. goku069 says:

    my entries




    this machine centaur was build DEC,19,2930. this centaur was build to end the war against japan but instead it took control of all the other robot and kill the human race. now the robot rule the world and he the leader of the robot race.

  46. Fyzza says:

    Frevoli – Maybe you could do a widescreen of him in his suit? It’s a litle hard to see the actual suit.

  47. Watson Bradshaw says:

    ENTRY 1

    didn’t really know what to do this contest but hope you enjoy!

  48. dave3dclark says:

    @ Watson Bradshaw. How did you get Sarah Jesica Parkers picture into Hero Machine !?!

  49. Myro says:

    Really had a difficult time with this one, I wanted to go in a different direction, but it wasn’t easy to do so, and still seem somewhat Sagittarius-esque.

    Anyway, I’ve been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption lately, so, this is what ended up inspiring me.

    This is Percy Archer, the leader of the dreaded Sagittarius Gang.

  50. borntobealoser says:

    My second entry, completely different to my first one:

    Sea Horse:

    Don’t have a description, don’t really understand it myself. Got the idea early in the morning when I woke up and just went with it. Think it works.

  51. Watson Bradshaw says:

    @dave3dclark (65) Yup, it is an uncanny likeness 🙂

  52. Airia says:

    I wish I could have done a better job of her sitting on her horse. 🙁

  53. Cliff says:

    This will be my only entry, partially due to Dialysis. They started to try to use my arm. OW! and partly because Sagittarius has meant a lot to me, and this it for me.

    Arthur Roberts was born in Sherman Texas December 12 1945 and died in Denison Texas in September 17, 2007.
    He was a Sagittarius and my Dad.
    Dad had most of the positive traits of Saggitarious:
    Optimistic and freedom-loving
    Jovial and good-humored
    Honest and straightforward

    Intellectual and philosophical … well not so much, at least not that I’m aware of.

    And I can’t see any of the Negative traits in him.

    Dad had tried to get me a pony when I was a kid. He didn’t have much money at all and got a “deal.” The horse was kept at my Aunt Marion’s place, she had LOTS of land. Sadly the horse was not in good shape, its hooves REALLY needed trimming, it was a little sway back if I remember right, and he didn’t like people. He would try to bite and kick you anytime ya came around.
    Probably why his hooves weren’t trimmed. We only kept him a week or so. Not sure who Dad sold him to or whatever.
    But it always meant something that he had tried. I wanted a pony and dadblast it I had a pony. (Be careful what you wish for LOL)
    Dad was an outdoorsman, he loved to fish, hunt and trap. Sometimes that was how we ate, considering selling sporting goods didn’t bring in lots of money, even with Mom’s secretaral or manager jobs.
    Every Thanksgiving he and his cousins would go to Brady Texas to go deer hunting after the meal, the football game and games of pool, basketball, horseshoes or pingpong and a lot of BSing and cutting up.
    They would go deer hunting a little earlier as well when it was bow season, and Dad was fairly good. I went from a little boy crying “don’t kill Bambi” to “Uh Dad when are we going to have some of your venison chili!?”
    It could be said that the outdoors was Dad’s church, he would rather be on the lake fishing than in a suit at the Church of Christ that I don’t think either of us felt at home at.
    Being an outside guy he was very tanned, VERY tanned. Now a departure from the Centaur I made, Dad started balding as a young man (gee thanks Dad … for the deforestation of the cranium! I don’t care what they say about getting it from your Mom’s side, I have my Dad’s hair … or lack of it, although I let it grow, so I have fringe from my ears to my shoulder blades. I know! Don’t say it!)
    I only went hunting with him once, unless ya count catching grasshoppers and/or seining for minnows to make stink bait (ick!)
    Sometimes I wish I had went with him. but as quiet as he was and slow to show a lot of affection, I never doubted he loved me, and after he died I discover from his sister, he in fact did know I was gay … and it was a non-issue to him.

    Sorry for this rather personal glimpse into what Saggitarious is all about to me.
    Thanks for your Ingulgence.

    Arthur Full:

    Arthur Face:

  54. MLS says:

    Nuts! I forgot about the file naming rules. Again. Re-posting my entry with a re-named file…

    As promised, here is entry #2 in my cheesy GI Joe rip-off series “Zodiac Commandos”; Sagittarius–-the sniper.

    Two down, ten to go.

  55. Chisoph says:

    Woah, Cliff! That’s an awesome forest! Give me a tutorial!

  56. joel says:

    Entry #5

    Nightblade! he is the perfect blend of soldier and assassin. Nightblade isn’t a person but rather a title. once ever generation, a new Nightblade is trained to take up the mantle. he works in service of his king, destroy all who get in his way. his deadly blades move like snakes and all who know of him fear his deadly precision.

  57. Chisoph says:

    Wait! I have another entry! 5461774R1U5 Mk VII. Part of the same program as the original, but more advanced, as the first was a beta, testing if the technology even worked. It didn’t. The first subject, well, exploded. This model has much more life support than any other model.

    Here’s him with no background:
    And here he is with one:

  58. Trying to explore more facets of the Sagitarrius beyond the centaur and archer. Sagittarius is ruled by the Ninth House, which focuses on religion.

    Then I thought of the mathematical “Casting Out Nines”.

    So, here we go, cat lovers born in late November through December:

  59. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 2

    Part of the Consortium of Advanced intellects, a group of adventurers in the late 1800’s. “Dr Sagittarius” uses his steam powered walker to breach any fortress and take down any ruffian in his path.


  60. My second and final entry is perhaps one of my most complete works so far, ever since I started using the Hero Machine program. Again I decided to do something quite different by creating an intense battle scene, with the classic centaur bowman as the main protagonist:

    And a solid story to back it up:

    Sagittarius, the Protector of the shrine of Artemis and the Golden Steed:

    When goddess Artemis was still a child, while hunting wild boars in one of the vast and desolate forests of ancient Greece (the Argean forest), she found a beautiful white horse, roaming around the jade flora. The young goddess befriended the wild animal right away and took it under her protection, and together they regularly found themselves galloping within the mystic woods and beautiful green valleys. The child and steed became inseparable and Artemis was never willing to go on her hunting skirmishes without her beloved horse anymore.

    One day, while on the hunt of deer and boars, they were attacked by a pack of rapid, wild wolves. The child-goddess shot and killed most of the beasts with her golden bow, but a few of them managed to escape her rapid arrows and attack the goddess from behind. Subsequently Artemis fell of the horse due to the surprise attack and hit the ground. As she was lying helpless on the mud for some moments, two of the ferocious wolves were ready to unleash their attack on the defenseless girl. The fearless steed got in their way in order to protect her, and kicked one of the wolves dead with its strong hooves. Yet the other beast achieved to leap onto the horse and take a big bite through its tender flesh, before it got shot down by the arisen Artemis’ bow.

    The bleeding steed’s wound seemed helpless and the animal moaned in pain, while Artemis was crying and stroking the head of the moribund animal. In despair of losing her beloved steed,Artemis called for her father Zeus, to save her injured friend, and Zeus descended from mount Olympus, for he did not want to see his daughter suffering. But when he arrived at the scene the steed had already passed away, and his daughter was still holding it firmly, in a pond of tears and blood.

    Afterwards Zeus, in order to soothe his daughter’s pain, took the fallen steed to ascend it to the sky, transforming it to a star so bright, so that his daughter would always see it and feel close to it. In addition he ordered Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship, to make the most beautiful golden steed, a statue made of the finest, ever-glowing gold, which would later be placed on a high pedestal in the center of the shrine of goddess Artemis, which was deep into the Argean forest. On that spot, every traveler or bystander that would go through those woods, would pay tribute to the shrine and ask for the protection and guidance of the Golden Steed and pray to goddess Artemis for good fortune. Zeus also granted those that would pay tribute to the Golden Steed the gift of good fate and safe travels. And he appointed one of his beloved centaurs, the most benevolent and strong, named Sagittarius, to be the protector, keeper, and sentinel of the holy shrine and of the Golden Steed. And Sagittarius served Zeus and Artemis well for centuries to come. And since hundreds of travelers passed through the Argean forest and found the shrine, the golden Steed gain immense fame, for bringing good fortune, protection and safe voyage to the travelers that paid tribute to the shrine. And rumors began to flourish that the Steed had also therapeutic powers, and that it could even bring immortality and incredible wealth to those who would touch it! Of course the latter were only rumors spoken and distorted by simple folks through the passing of time.

    Yet these rumors provoked many raiders, thieves and other despicable thugs and skirmishers to crave to get their hands on that remarkable “Golden Steed”. It had become a time when the ancient religions were long forgotten, and even thought Sagittarius, the centaur protector of Artemis’ shrine, had been safeguarding the sacred place for eons, peacefully, and without any conflicts with the human bystanders -given that people used to respect the ancient gods in the old times- he would soon have to protect the shrine from entire flocks of brutal invaders that came from distant foreign lands and would do anything to steal the Golden Steed.

    And through the next decades many of those vicious raiders came, but all were slain by Sagittarius before they even got a chance to lay their hands on the Steed. And as the ancient gods were entirely forsaken and man became obsessed with power and wealth, more and more thugs, warriors and even kings, came to the Argean forest to find the shrive and steal the Golden Steed and acquire its enormous power. But Sagittarius was always there, a restless guardian, a fearsome fighter, and a fine bowman; and no army seemed able to defeat him, for besides the fact that he was an excellent marksman, his armor, bow, and arrows were crafted by the greatest blacksmith of them all; god Hephaestus himself! But even though he remained undefeated during the numerous combats for defending the shrine, the lust for the Golden Steed still went on , and deprived men from all over the world kept on coming to the forest, which was starting to deteriorate due to the greedy men’s disrespect for nature and slaughter of its creatures.

    And Sagittarius became saddened and thus he made his final plead to the gods: “Oh, mighty Zeus, divine goddess Artemis, I beg of thee, hear my plead, and bury this shrine in an eternal mist of darkness, so that the fiendish man will never find this place again; for this sacred place has long lost its noble purpose and the gentle creatures of this forest are suffering in vain. I have been thy loyal servant for eons, by serving and protecting this place as best as I could. So I beg of thee, to listen to my humble plea and may it be my last.”

    And the gods that had long retired from this world, listened to Sagittarius’s prayer; and they covered the shrine with a mist so dark that it was never meant to be found by humans again. And they awarded their loyal servant, Sagittarius, by ascending him to the stars, where he would continue to exist, as an entire constellation, which the people would always admire and praise. And Sagittarius was to become widely known as the wise centaur, the soldier, the bowman, the protector…

  61. Chisoph says:

    I just thought, maybe I should upgrade the other one too? So here’s what I came up with.

  62. Chisoph says:

    I just thought that I should upgrade the other one too. So here’s what I came up with:

  63. Chisoph says:

    Why won’t it post?!?!?!?!?!

  64. Chisoph says:

    What?! Now it posts…… Okay.. So anyway, I thought that my first one also needed an upgrade, so I made this one:

  65. Chisoph says:

    Okay…Now it posts… Well, here’s my upgrade of the first one.

  66. Chisoph says:

    It just won’t post in the same comment.

  67. Chisoph says:

    I also just made an evil Sagittarius. He’s widescreened.

  68. I forget which name i use says:

    most are doing a centaur, thought i do something different, i hope no one else has already done this:

  69. I forget which name i use says:

    by the way, as an archer and archery instructor…some of those bows make no sense, there good lookin, but not able to shoot an arrow

  70. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 3

    the Bowman, protector of sector 1233, in a world of urban decay protectors are raised from an early age, never knowing love or pain. but one woman has been able to get past the programming to the man inside.


  71. Gene says:

    Just your run run of the mill, centauroid type warrior. I see this one as coming from a nomadic culture that values freedom above all else, and obviously willing to fight for it.

    I thought the face came out particularly well, and it didn’t show up well on the body shot, so here’s a close up;

  72. Nessus: Failed kidnapper who killed Hercules from the grave

  73. Me, Myself & I says:

    Well, I’ve been away on holidays most of the week and haven’t been able to get any submissions ready until now. Not sure if I’ll get any others in but here’s one.


  74. Connor S. says:

    Arnold, the Unlucky Centaur

    He’s unlucky. Just look at the pic.

  75. Domhellsing says:

    Dorin by Domhellsing

  76. Domhellsing says:

    Ops… My bad!
    Dorin by Domhellsing

  77. Fishsticks says:

    I had time for one more entry. I wanted to portray Sagittarius as she might appear in an old west film.


  78. SpellCheckingQuill says:

    I have two entries, just for kicks. I know which one I’m more proud of, but I’ll let you decide.

    A more traditional approach:

    And a… well, not traditional approach.

    La dee da.

  79. Rhinoman says:

    Here is my Sagittarius entry. Enjoy!

    Sagi- Archer for a Nomad tribe of Leoine Warriors. Highly skilled at all forms of long range weapons, Sagi is most adept with the short bow which makes running and shooting much easier. Usually deemed the hunter of the Pride, she also serves as an advance scout due to her keen eyesight and superior sense of smell.

  80. Brons says:

    My entry is the Princess Sagitaria of the Elder Wood. She’s the very young granddaughter of the Old King, the original Sagitarius. As the Fays and Wer Houses withdrew from Earth long before her birth, she knows humans only as old mare’s tales told to scare the younglings into behaving. Now, as she seeks to venture into the World of Men, she is going armed with the finest of weaponry, her bow and inquisitive mind, and painted for the hunt.

    As always, she’s an experiment in the complexities of making a piccture look simple. Lots of fun, and I’ve missed it.


  81. Brons says:

    Had meant to say that I didn’t finish this one until after the contest closed but had enough fun that I posted it anyway. Got distracted and left that off.