FNF2 Final Results!

Congratulations to Imp for winning Friday Night Fights 2! The results were not as close as I'd have expected:

As the winner, Imp will receive a custom color illustration of pretty much whatever he likes (within reason), and as the Runner-Up DiCicatriz will receive a black and white character illustration. Congratulations to them both for making it this far.

And in the last Consolation Round, the winner is Frevoli!

Frevoli wins his choice of any item or any portrait to be included in the final HM3 release, or a Sketch of the Day style drawing. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who participated either by submitting characters or by voting. Let me know what you thought of the whole process, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Finally, I wanted to show all of Imp's team, along with the full backstory, so it'll all be in one place. Enjoy!

Setting:  This is a neo-feudal/corporate-run galactic nation, the Terran Empire.  Corporations have become the 'new nobility', with CEO, CFO, and other titles becoming hereditary.  The Emperor himself is elected by the Grand Combine, a high council consisting of the CEOs of the most powerful corporations.  The Emperor serves for life unless he gets voted out on a 'no confidence' vote by 85% of the Combine.  For the last fifteen years, the Empire has been at war with the Gath, an alien stellar nation with similar technological levels and motivations as the humans.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in a stalemate for the last decade.  The current Emperor, Diarmid VIII, has been on crusade on the frontiers for the last nine years; despite continued calls for votes of no confidence, the Grand Combine has been unable to reach a majority.  This had led to unrest and even outright rebellion in certain Imperial sectors as local despots seek to increase their own power at the expense of the citizenry...
Colonel Robin Hood:  Once a colonel in the Imperial Skyforce (a combination space fleet and air force), Hood is the son of Albert Hood, CEO of Hood Industries and Duke of Covington, an Imperial Sector within the New Albion quadrant.  His family has been life-long friends and allies of LM&P (Leaford Mining and Pharmaceuticals), the rulers of neighboring Nottingham Sector.  While serving on the frontier in the war against the Gath, Robin was captured and spent three years in a Gathi prison.  When he finally escaped, he made his way home, only to find that his Sector and Nottingham Sector had been 'reorganized' by the Sheriff of Nottingham.  His father was dead, and Robin himself was quickly declared an outlaw.
Sheriff Roger Lacey:  The Imperial Marshalls are the internal peace-keeping forces of the Empire.  In this time of strife, certain Sheriffs (the heads of the various Sector Marshalls) have declared martial law... and sometimes worse.  One of these is Roger Lacey, the Sheriff of Nottingham.  No friend of the current Emperor (since Lacey's ancient House/Corporation was disgraced and disbanded two decades ago), Lacey has set himself up as the virtual dictator of two Sectors, Covington and Nottingham.
Marian Leaford:  Former Duchess of Nottingham Sector and heir to LM&P, Marian was declared an outlaw and her properties and titles forfeited by the Sheriff after she was discovered funnelling arms and money to Robin.  She has since become an active member of the local rebellion against the Marshalls.
Friar Wolfram Tuck:  A priest of the United Church and a former member of its Viridian Order (an order of fighting monks), Tuck was discredited by the Church after certain embarrassing incidents involving vast quantities of alcohol, hiraga weed, and young women.  He was thrown out of the Viridians and became a wandering monk, eventually making his way to Nottingham Sector and joining Robin Hood in his fight against the Marshalls.
'Little John':  A member of the Varsulan race.  A hero on his native planet during their war against the Empire thirty years ago (a war which the Varsulans lost; they were inducted into the Empire as part of Covington Sector), John has joined Hood's Rebellion on the condition that Varsu be freed when and if they triumph over the Marshalls.  'Little John' is Hood's nickname for the alien; his real name is pretty much unpronounceable by the human tongue.

16 Responses to FNF2 Final Results!

  1. Kaldath says:

    @Imp – Welcome to the Club brother!

  2. VonMalcolm says:

    Congrats Imp! -You didn’t have an easy road either! You beat a lot of the top contenders (and, to my surprise, beat them down with Hammerfists).

    @Frevoli: You may have been one Magnificent Maid Marian away from giving The Imp a run for his money -though DiCicatriz’s Maid was going to be tough to beat!

    @DiCicatriz: I thought your Robin Hood would put up more of a fight against The Imp: I am still not sure which Robin I like better.

    @All: I enjoyed looking at all of your visions.

  3. The Imp says:

    Thanks! I’m surprised it was that lopsided, frankly. There were a lot more worthy creations than mine, and I think the only reason I won was the matchups. If I’d gone head-to-head with say, Alex, I would’ve had my ass handed to me.

  4. Frevoli says:

    @VonMalcolm yeah, just think if maybe if I’d spent more time on her it could have been a different story.

    Ah well, third place isn’t too bad for my first FNF and now I know what to expect for FNF3 (undersea King Arthur, maybe?)

    @all great entries everyone

  5. Myro says:

    Wow, that was fun. Congrats Imp.

    Jeff, what is the timetable on the next FNF? Is this going to be an annual or semi-annual event? I’m not sure it should happen more often than that, it takes quite a bit more work than a character contest.

  6. VonMalcolm says:


    I am still suffering from a little Friday Night Fight burn out and have skipped a couple of regular contests!

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    FNF is a twice-a-year thing at MOST, I think. It’s a lot of work for everyone involved and, as VonMalcolm said, it tends to take a while to recover.

  8. Kaldath says:

    Personally for the next FNF I’d perfer a return to the original format of One Fantasy character, one Superhero character, one Sci-fi character, and One Open category character

  9. alphaalpharomeo says:

    I really thought mine would have done better. I tried to make them seem like the old Robin Hood uniforms, but kind of an individualized but team-like uniform like the xmen

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    Kaldath, I dunno, that’s kind of .. done, you know? I mean, been there, done that kind of a thing.

    I could see maybe doing four other genres, but not the exact same ones again.

    Or maybe I generate four random names from the Seventh Sanctum list and each round is one of them.

    Or I generate ONE random name from the list, and each round you do a character with that name in a specific genre (supernatural or horror, high-tech super-hero, historical, and modern spy or whatever). So you’d end up with four versions of “Red Anvil”, but each would be for a discreet genre.

    Or it’s “create a super-team”, with each round being one of the super-hero archetypes (Brick, Mentalist, Martial Artist, Energy Projector).

    Or … I dunno, I am definitely wide open to ideas here. I just don’t want to do the exact same thing as another time to keep it fresh and interesting.

  11. Can’t remember if I posted last night. What a birthday party! Anyway…

    Congrats, Imp! Good show, Frevoli! Fun contest with a lot of great entries.

    @Jeff: I bet coming up with a contest themes is probably as tough as coming up with a design! How about “family”? Mom, dad, kid(s), etc.? What kind of family would be up to the entrants. Could be a normal family, a superhero family, something “American gothic”, an alien family, etc.

  12. kyle says:

    contest themes:pirate,detective,mobster,bat man villains,
    Deity,Vampire,soldier, gladiators

  13. alphaalpharomeo says:

    How about a team and each character has to be under under a certain catagory such as the muscle, the leader, the female, the arch villain

  14. Alex says:

    @The Imp (3) Oh I’m blushing Imp ,but no seriously you deserved this win ,you knock out of the park congrats!

  15. John says:

    DiCicatriz, I very much enjoyed your entries for this FNF. They were all very conceptual and very, very well done. Bravo, sir!

  16. DiCicatriz says:

    Hey thanks for the kind word 🙂

    It was fun while it lasted, I’m glad I made it until the end. Thanks to everybody who voted for my designs, I had a lot of fun this time around 😀