Friday Night Fights 2 Round 3 Results!

Ladies and gentlemen (and any aliens or monsters or inhumans who might be reading), we have our fantastic fighting finalists for Friday Night Fights! The results from Round 3 are in, and the results could not be clearer:

Congratulations first to our two Finalists, Imp and DiCicatriz. Each is guaranteed to win a custom black and white character illustration of whoever they like if they come in second, or a full-color character illustration if they win.

Second, congratulations are also in order for Me, Myself, and I for winning the Round 3 Consolation Prize, consisting of any item they like, or any portrait they like, or a "Sketch of the Day" style illustration.

Later today I'll post the final round to determine the winner, but I wanted these guys to have some time to bask in the glow of their victory before having to prep for the next matchup.

Well done, all!