HM3: New backgrounds

I've just added the "Background-Standard" set of items, consisting of 8 of the "Floor" items and about the same number of walls. I needed to do a brick wall background for Gargoyle323's Character Contest 41 win anyway, and realized I didn't have a "Standard" set there yet. I needed a logical place to put the brick wall, and figured this would be a good time to set up the set. Then when I started looking at walls, I got motivated to do some extras, too.

So this one is just a placeholder for now until I can flesh it out a bit more.

The idea of those first two is that color1 fills the center of the hole, and that's what is masked to. So you could put whatever item you want on stage, mask it to this hole, and it would look like the item was peeking through. Color2 is the brick pattern, so if you didn't want bricks you could set that to the same color as color1, or remove it entirely, and be left with just the hole fill.

If you don't see the choice come up, clear your browser cache and try again.