HM3: Bustiers

I've completed and uploaded the conversion of the HM 2.5 "Bustiers" set for HeroMachine 3, and it is now live for your use. Here is a preview of a couple of screens worth of entries:

I tried to be careful about bringing over all the items, including things like the star-spangled and striped sets, and to further break them down into the complete item down to the waist; cut off at the navel; and just the bra.

Furthermore there are a number of standalone options for mixing and matching your own creations. For instance, item number nine (first page, first column, last row) is designed to fit over the default shoulder straps so instead of a top portion with pointy ends, you can make them rounded instead. There are also a number of zippers set to different lengths which can be sized, rotated, and moved to serve any number of functions.

Hope you like them! Note that armor stuff will be covered in the conversion of Tops-FantasyArmor from males to females, so don't be surprised that there's little enough of that here.

If there's anything in particular you'd like to see, or problems you've noted, with the set then please let me know in comments.