Poll Position: Young Adults is REAL, Y'all!

We've talked about making fantasy worlds real before, but this week I wanted to focus on the popular "Young Adult" series that seem to be all the rage. I'm leaving this one open for you to add your own responses, but I'm counting on you to use your discretion -- keep in mind this isn't "My favorite all time cartoon series", it's material that started as young adult printed fiction.

With that, let's take a look at the options so far!


  • His Dark Materials: This is the Philip Pullman "Golden Compass" series, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There's magic and fantastical beasts and -- best of all -- portals to alternate universes. With that, you have access to all kinds of interesting worlds, even if the one Pullman gives us isn't to your liking. And since Gods are fake in that universe, I can see why many of you would say no thanks.
  • Narnia: C.S. Lewis, on the other hand, is in many ways the polar opposite of Pullman, with the world of Narnia very much a Christian-based one. Lots of cool magic and creatures, and you can always duck back through the wardrobe if you get a hankering for some Starbuck's.
  • Percy Jackson: I'll be honest, I haven't read these. But Olympian myths running rampant through the streets of downtown sounds pretty cool.
  • Harry Potter: This would be great if you were a wizardling, but not if you are a Muggle. Who wants to be basically ruled by a secret magic-wielding minority cabal with the power to change your memory? Or your body -- into a pig. Blech.
  • Twilight: I haven't read this series either, but vampires don't sparkle. Period.

From the ones I pre-set, I'd have to go with the Dark Materials one, with the other-dimensional portals being the deciding factor. That would be cool.

What about you, which would you prefer to discover you were living in all along, without knowing it?