HM3: More rifles!

Mark has continued his great work on ItemRight-Rifles for HeroMachine 3, and I've posted the updated set! Here are a few words from the man himself.

Hi all! Hope you enjoy the new Rifles Set. I tried to include all of the most iconic rifles and sub-machine guns from history and fiction. You'll find the weapons that stormed the Bastille, the beaches of Normandy, the deserts of Kuwait and the terraforming colony on LV-426. Some weapons, like the ubiquitous MP-5, come in a million different configurations; where reasonable, I've tried to give you enough scopes, bi-pods, bayonets, retractable stocks and other accessories to customize each weapon just the way you want.

Now I'm not so arrogant as to think that I've included every long arm and accessory an HM3er could want, so I'm ready to take requests for the weapons I've missed. There are 92 items currently, and Jeff tells me that Flash starts to bog down if you get much past 100, so there's room for about a dozen more items. Make your requests here in the comments of this post.

But here's the thing--You know how Jeff wants reference pictures for items you request? I NEED reference pictures. And not just any picture, I need good resolution pics of the item flat-on the way it will appear in HM. I'm no artist like Jeff. At best, I'm a "graphics technician." For example, this image I can replicate. The rifle in this image I can not.

So if you can find me a good reference pic for a rifle, sub-machine gun or related accessory that you'd like me to add, post it here. I'll do my best to add the most popular requests.

Here's the set of 12 sci-fi rifles, which look GREAT, as a teaser:

Thanks to Mark for his as-always wonderful work on this.