HM3: Cape fronts

I am still plowing through HM2 sets that need to be converted to HeroMachine 3. I've just posted the new version of the old "Coats-CapeFronts" set, which can now be found in "ShoulderRight-Capes". Here they are:

Holler in the comments if you either see something wrong, or if there are specific items you'd like to see added. Requests with links to an image of what you want are the most helpful, but please make it specific -- if I want to do a Google Image Search for "Capes" or "Cloaks" so I can get twelve dozen pictures I will do so. Limit yourself to no more than three requests, otherwise I'm going to mentally mark it as "spam" and move on.

That sounds harsh. I don't mean it that way, it's just that sometimes too much is worse than nothing at all. So only request things you really want, I think I have a pretty solid set already and am not looking for general reference, just specific items likely to be of interest to lots of different people to flesh it out.