Lots of new HM3 items

With profound thanks to Mark Shute, I'm happy to announce that his ItemRight-Rifles set is now live in HeroMachine 3 and ready for outfitting your various dinosaur marines. Woot! More to come in this set, but we didn't want to limit you unduly with the contest this week. Please do not make requests for Rifles yet, Mark wants a separate thread for that so he can keep track of it, once he's all done with the ones he's already got plans for.

Also, I've been working on prizes for past contests and have uploaded several, including the following:

Jack Zegler's tank commander goggles and helmet from Character Contest 36, in Headgear-Military:

Power Ranger style armor for Aaron's Caption Contest 76 win, in TopsMaleCoats:

Joshua's Caption Contest 75 prize, a sci-fi visor in Headgear-Military:

SpiderCow2010 gives us a twofer, a complete muscular (but not Hulk-esque) female body, and then just clenched and tight female abs, both in BodyFemaleStandard:

Phew! In the "pending" category, meaning I have a version of the item out there for approval from the winner, are a generic city skyline for SpiderCow2010; a tiger bear thingie for Meg; big huge Alex Mercer claws for TopHat; and a flaring trench coat and button lapels for Doomed Pixel's long-ago HeroMachine 2 win.

In the "working actively on it" category are MartianBlue's dragon helm; Kaldath's big Friday Night Fights scene; and Imp's Friday Night Fights runner-up character sketch.

In the "I haven't started on it yet" category are Rancid's rose insignia; Lawrence's Panama skyline; Bloodless Rose's anime hair; DiCicatriz' tiny cherubic hippo; and Cliff's large flower background.

Finally, there are still an awful lot of people I haven't heard from yet one way or another on their prize. If you see your name here, please contact me (afdstudios@gmail.com or just leave a comment below) about what you want!

  • Cory (Caption Contest 57)
  • Fishpants (Caption Contest 58 and Character Contest 12)
  • Frankie (Caption Contest 62)
  • Bixlord (Caption Contest 63)
  • Black Griffin (Caption Contest 77)
  • ArtfulDodger (Character Contest 2)
  • Violodion (Character Contest 5)
  • Drummergirl (Character Contest 18)
  • Brons (Character Contest 21 & 23)
  • MercWithAMouth (Character Contest 24)
  • Vigilante (Character Contest 32)
  • Imp (Character Contest 33)
  • Doomed Pixel (Character Contest 38)

Everyone up to MercWithAMouth is in danger of having their prize revoked or reassigned, so by all means speak up if you want yours!

I'm open to suggestions as to what to do with these unclaimed prize options, if you have any ideas let 'em rip.