SOD.189 – Unbelievable Transfiguration of Saliva

I decided to take suggestions from the HeroMachine Facebook page folks as to what to do for the Sketch of the Day today, and they came up with some doozies. I went with the request to use the Seventh Sanctum Joke Grimoire spell name generator, and the first hit that came up was "Unbelievable Transfiguration of Saliva". The next suggestion from the Facebookers was for "Abe Sapien", so I combined the two into this:

12 Responses to SOD.189 – Unbelievable Transfiguration of Saliva

  1. Connor S. says:

    The only thing that I don’t like about this picture is the lack of detail on his face. Was it unfinished or hurried? Compared to the saliva-person, his face doesn’t have much detail. What happened?

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    The saliva guy is Abe Sapien, who has lines on his face like a tiger. The spitter is a regular guy, who does not. Hence, no lines on his face. I like keeping things clean and simple in the line work, not everyone is a craggy-faced eighty year old or festooned with tattoos or whatnot. He’s shocked (the transfiguration is, after all, “unbelievable”) and wide-eyed, with his face stretched tight, which would also tend to reduce lines.

    Don’t mean that to come off hostile or defensive, but that was my thinking on it.

  3. kingmonkey says:

    Well, I just tried the spell name generator and I’m glad I didn’t suggest that you draw the spell “Spank Crossdresser”.

  4. Bael says:

    Actually, that might work out okay, if you bring Granny Goodness into it.

    Great. Now I’ve got a Kirbyesque Apocoliptic fraternity hazing stuck in my head.

  5. Jigglypuff says:

    Lol. “Spank Crossdresser” would be totally perfect for Granny Goodness! Yes, Please Please draw her doing that joke spell!

  6. Tim says:

    Sorry way off topic here but: ARROWED!!!

    Sorry that picture vaguely reminded me of the certain video on the web.

    10 billion awesome points for anyone who knows the video 😀

  7. Laridian says:

    I don’t know Abe Sapien from Adam, but I thought this would make a fantastic character portrait for a Shadowrun PC. The spitter looks like a crazy mage – whether he’s unleashing a force of doom or just showing off, you don’t know. The expression on his face looks like it’s starting to curve into a grin, emphasizing the crazy. The little spit-guy leans toward either the “force of doom which starts off small and laughable but kicks your patootie across town” or the “I refuse to give in to the dignity of this situation to which I have just been summoned by this idiot” variety, both of which would work.

    In short, this pic rocks. I’ve just generated a story idea to go with it. Thank you!

  8. Haxxx says:

    This is extremely awesome. I especially like that the caster looks like he shouts the spell while the summoned Abe has that sort of WTF? angry look to it.

    Most joke generators in Seventh Sanctum will make pretty good stuff when you get down to it:

    Who wouldn’t want to cast “Beam of Back Pain” and shout “Release the insane throat-ripping ducks that feed off of fear!” while being just a lowly Hobo-Alchemist with an alignment of Lawful-Board?

  9. GalacticKetchup says:

    That is beautiful. :L

  10. Jadebrain says:

    @ Tim:

    Teen Girl Squad, Episode 1
    Viewable on

  11. The guy just spit out Abe Sapien? I mean, I can see that in any Hellboy storyline.

    But still, is the mage left with a fishy taste? Ok, that was just sick and wrong.

  12. Tim says:

    10 Billion awesome points for Jadebrain!! 😀