SOD.135 – Wonder Woman 2

After taking in some of the excellent critiques on the last attempt at this, I wanted to do another Wonder Woman costume.

It shows a bit more skin that you're used to with a Wonder Woman design, but I think that's ok. Amazons in the DC Universe live on an island with no men, so they're not going to have a lot of modesty issues. And it's a tropical island, so they're not going to be wearing a ton of heavy clothing. I definitely wanted something of a Greek influence, which is where the cape/wrap and the sandals come from.

I also wanted to hearken back a bit to the original myths, so I played up the idea of a "girdle" of Hippolyta by making the belt more distinctive, and added wings to the sandals to echo Hermes. Otherwise I don't quite see how Wonder Woman flies.

I definitely wanted to get away from the "Granny Panties" vibe I sometimes get from her legwear, and loin cloths always make me think of ancient Greece and Rome with a bit of jungle warrior thrown in.

8 Responses to SOD.135 – Wonder Woman 2

  1. Anarchangel says:

    Excellent work Jeff. I always thought Wonder Woman needed a redesign.
    Any chance of adding that loincloth to HM3? I’ve never really been a fan of the one that’s in there already. It seems a little too still and straight.

  2. Jason says:

    I’m particularly fond of the cape/wrap you have on her. Much better looking than the original concept.

  3. MeMyself&I says:

    I second the loincloth request; although without the stars. I know you’re already done with that section and all but I’ve struggled with what is available on a few occasions.

    I thought both wonder woman images were good but I admit, I prefer the cape over the shoulder better.

  4. Oquies says:

    I like that belt specially with that little tie or tassel at the end.

  5. Nick Hentschel says:

    Very sexy, although it definitely leans more towards a “ceremonial” outfit!

    I know how you feel, wanting to re-design that “neither-here-nor-there” costume. My ideas, however, go in a different direction; I’ll post my own, someday.

  6. Mixed bag on this. The hands… the left is full scratchy cats red sharp. The right is cocked to punch you in the face. It’s Mata Hari meets satin tights.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really love your work. As far as an interpretation of Wonder Woman, it’s “fluffy”. It works, but not in a “serious matter”. I’d prefer more the hero and character than yummy, scrumpcilioucious, make-me-purrrr, what-are-going-to-do-to-me-that-lasso… the belt would be a nice addition to HM3.

  7. deadeas says:

    I like it. Would be suitable for the DC Fantasy universe I’ve been working on.

  8. darkvatican says:

    Very nice, Jeff. Good work, as always!