Grant Morrison has many wonderful accomplishments in his comics career, but desecrating the memory of Bulletgirl threatens to send that legacy spiraling down into a howling suckhole of wrongitude:

Why would someone feel the need for eye protection from flying debris -- caused, remember, by flinging yourself through objects by the head -- but leave their entire upper body exposed like that? For that matter, I'd put the over-under on how many times she can fly through something without tearing that halter top off at 1.

The whole design is just so adolescent school boy I can't stand it. One of the best things about the old Bulletman comics was what a strong character Bulletgirl was in her own right, a true partner instead of just a sidekick. And part of that allure was that she wore basically the same costume, because she wasn't there to turn on the bystandards, but to fight crime. And to fight crime, you need to put on your ass-kicking clothes, not your ass-shaking faux-stripper outfit.

Don't even get me started on the exaggerated phallic symbol helmet she's got on here. Just, no.

(Many thanks to reader PCFDPGrey for sending this one in.)