HM3: Limb suggestions

It looks like most people want non-human limbs next, so let me know in the comments to this post exactly what it is you're wanting from a set like that. Links to actual images are the most helpful, but just words are fine too if you can't find a good image.

Note that leaving suggestions for anything not related to non-human limbs won't be a lot of help, since by the time I get to whatever set you're talking about, I will forget what you asked for.

76 Responses to HM3: Limb suggestions

  1. Rozenstal says:

    Water,fire handslegs.Tentakles.Centaurs.Hands-wings…
    If i better knew Englisg language and knew, where finding pictures – write more, but while so.

  2. Worf says:

    Hands/Arms/Legs/Feet (preferably separate) from the Animal Kingdom:
    – Cat
    – Horse
    – Dog
    – Spider
    – Crab
    – Octopus
    – Hawk
    – Chicken
    – T-Rex
    – Brontosaurus
    – Fishy

    Just to get you started…..

  3. The Eric says:

    If this includes hands, lobster claws.

  4. Fabien says:

    Hands :
    – Crabs claw
    – prayer mantis scythe like arm
    – Tentacle
    – cat paw
    – two fingers hand
    – three fingers hand
    – four fingers hand
    – stretchy arm
    – Eagle talons

  5. Gene says:

    Cyborg Skeletal, in the style of Terminator.

    Maybe a generic ‘cup’ for the end of an arm that weapons could be attached to; hook, blade. wipp, screw driver, chainsaw, etc.

  6. kyle says:

    Cyborg spider legs

  7. Jake says:

    It would also be great if for this time around we got two Merfolk poses. One pose would be under water while the other would be of lounging on land.

    For the Centaur, it would be great if we could get an action pose. It would look kind of like this except more of a head-on shot.
    I’d also like the regular pose.

  8. TheNate says:

    How about some bulkier cyber-limbs, like Forge and Cable have?

  9. Darth_Neko says:

    I know that this is for non-human limbs, But could we have some elastic fashioned limbs or hands like Mr. Fantastic and plastic man?

  10. Skiriki says:

    Deinonychus’ foot — that is, raptor-like lizard foot with a single deadly scythe-like claw.

    Bear paws.

  11. superfan1 says:

    Webbed hands

    Ghost “tails” (the bottom part of the ghost where the legs would normally be)

  12. The Dudemeister says:

    Robotic limbs would be great. A couple of different options, like some that are very similar to human limbs, and others that are robotic replacements of limbs, like claws, pincers, etc. Maybe arms that have computers/gadgets attached to them?

    Also, alien-like limbs would be fantastic. Perhaps some that are more sinewy than normal human arms/legs. Others that are longer and more beefy/beastly.

  13. Deadpool42 says:

    Heres a few suggestions-
    -Webbed hands
    -Werewolf arms

  14. The Imp says:

    Would this be the place to request again a Red Tornado-like whirlwind lower body/legs? 😀

  15. Jericho says:

    I’d like to see some of the following:

    -Automaton arms (similar to those found in Full Metal Alchemist) in varying physiques (muscular, standard, guns, etc.)

    -Broken/scarred limbs (I know that this would mean more human arms, but these would be nice for after-battle profiles)

    -Weapon-fused arms (Arms that are half human-half bionic.)

    -The standard cup is also a great idea

    -Heavily mutated arms (Human-animal/alien hybrids, nuclear mutation with a “The Blob” type theme)

  16. Hammerknight says:

    Mermaids and centaur part in two poses would be very nice. Actoin poses for them woulb be even better, running and swimming.

  17. Saturn830 says:

    I agree with Dudemeister about the robotic limbs. The mech bodies are cool but it would be nice to have some artificial limbs that would work with the regular human bodies. What Gene suggested about the cyborg skeleton would be awesome.

    As for alien limbs, D9 could give some ideas- specifically with the hands.

  18. Solander says:

    OK, non-human limbs then. I’ve got some suggestions here as well:

    – Crab claws:


    – Merman “legs”?

    – Werewolf limbs:


    – Dragon limbs:


    – Octopus tentacle:

    – Spider legs:


    – Fish fins:


    – Alien limbs:


    – Modos’ mechanical arm:

    – Cyborg arm:

    – Robocop limbs:

    – Robot limbs:

    – Ent limbs:

    – Earth elemental limbs:

    – Fire elemental limbs:


    – Air elemental limbs:


    – Water elemental limbs:


    – Ice elemental limbs:

    – Lightning elemental limbs:

    – Magma elemental limbs:

    – Golem limbs:,%20Avatar%20e%20Video/Immagini%20Mutant%20Chronicles/Studio%20Parente/kr-golem.jpg

    – Griffin limbs:


    – Demon limbs:

  19. Eric says:


  20. The Eric says:

    Bird feet, lizard feet and hands, elephant/rhinoceros feet…

  21. Connor S. says:

    Yeah go dragon limbs! Also Devil May Cry 4 arm(s)????????? Yeah. Think about that! Ummm… Krauser is cool. Stubs so I can make one named stubby. Grrrrr… Mind needs to think better. Ummm… Swords instead of arms. Yup. Spiky hands. Like reeeeeaaaalllly spiky not just like, “Oh there’s one spike. Cool” And also like spikes coming out from inside of arm like the guy on X-Men 3. And realy like bumpy arms too. Also I like ( thingy that that one guy put in. Yeah that’s about it. Sorry for my non-creativity.( 😛 )

  22. Wade says:

    Robotic (terminator) skeleton, arms like cables bionic arm, tornado legs, and arms and legs like Nightcrawler

  23. Tigerguy786 says:

    how about arms and legs with extra joints? (An arm with two elbow joints and legs that have 2 knees)

  24. DJ says:

    Off topic/kinda on topic:

    I’ve looked for them in the app but where are the calves and stuff for the human legs? You have everything above the knee cap but I cant seem to locate below the kneecap.

  25. Demented The Clown says:

    All I Want Is Some Terminator Arms.

  26. Demented The Clown says:

    @ DJ That Really Bothers Me Too.

  27. The Imp says:

    I agree with DJ. Why aren’t the legs split into thigh/calf like the arms are split into upper/lower?

  28. HomicidalClown says:

    I’d like to see some more elemental limbs (and torsos, but that’s a different topic), and obviously more limbs to go with the new Alien heads — especially for the Wookiee/Sasquatch.

  29. Jeff Hebert says:

    I agree with DJ. Why aren’t the legs split into thigh/calf like the arms are split into upper/lower?

    Never assume a sinister motive when incompetence will suffice as an explanation. In other words, oops. I forgot. I’ll put them on the to-do list.

    So far the way this is working out is that I’m just adding all these new hands to the Hand-Standard sets. I’m not sure why, but that’s what I am doing. I haven’t figured out the right way to do the Body sets yet. On one hand, doing a separate compilation for each kind of body makes sense. On the other hand, that seems like an awful lot of menu choices to navigate, particularly if I have to separate out males and females.

    I could do four or five new complete bodies, all in one set. Each body would be broken into twelve pieces — complete, torso only, upper left arm, upper right arm, upper left leg, upper right leg, lower left arm, lower right arm, lower left leg, lower right leg, both arms, both legs. That gives you one complete body on each “preview” page, which almost seems organized, and gives you flexibility to mix and match.


  30. berserker says:

    a blade arm simialair to the one in The Deaths of Ian Stone
    couldnt find a better pic sorry

  31. Demented The Clown says:

    Pretty Good Idea, But I’d Like More Arms n Legs Then Just Full Bodys, How About Make A Few Full Bodys And A Few Just Limbs? Maybe Make The Limbs Work For Both Male n Female, Or Just Positioned Different?

    I Was Existed For About 20 Or So Arms n Legs, Maybe 5 Full Bodys, 10 Limbs?

    Cause A Lot Of The Good Suggestions, Would Work Great With Just The Standard Bodys.

  32. The Imp says:

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, Demented. If you have three or four base torsos, they should be compatible with all sorts of different limbs… Then we could have stuff like one leg straight, one bent at the knee (the Captain Morgan pose), etc etc.

  33. Demented The Clown says:

    P.S. I know you said you wouldnt make a dwarf or hulked out body because they can be scaled that way. But I’d like a bigger beefier body, look at this to see what I mean.

    Largest Heromachien Arm

    Hulks Arm (Aka Most Large Characters Proportion)

    The “Hulk” Body Type Is Used By So Many Characters, The Thing, Juggernaut, Beast, Abomination, Blob…….

  34. Mr.Vampire says:

    “It looks like most people want non-human limbs next…”
    Absolutely, it’s the latest hellywood cosmetic surgery fad!

  35. Tim says:

    I would also be chill for some termin…ah cyborg/robot limbs *wink* (avoiding copyrights lol)

  36. Worf says:

    I like that body splitting idea. Then you can leave the straggler pieces (different arms, etc) at the end.

  37. Jeff Hebert says:

    Are you guys bothered at all by the fact that you won’t be able to use very many non-Body items on top of all these limbs you’re requesting?

    That goes particularly for the Hulk Brick style body. Nothing else will fit on that if I pre-draw it, versus you scaling it yourself. Nothing. Otherwise I’m back in the boat of 2.x having to draw every single item again, having huge sprawling menus for set selection, etc.

  38. Kalkin says:

    Robotic arms and legs basically three types:
    1. spindly skeleton model, like terminator, with open pistons and such
    2. Clockwork limbs, steampunk like with gears showing.
    3. Mechanical insect limbs, basic leg, crab pincer and maybe a praying mantis claw.

  39. Demented The Clown says:

    Good Point, U Could Scale Standard Sized Clothing n Base The Proportions Off Of That. I Think Alot Of The Requests Could Be Drawn To Similar Proportions Of Standard Male Arms/Legs, Others Probably Dont Need Clothing, Like Ghost/Genie “Tail”.

    Its Your thing man. Do What You Think Would Work Best, And Make Everyone Happy Equally.

    If One Style Body Doesnt Work With Some Other Items, Then Im Still Sure Ppl Will Find A Way To Customize It In Crazy Ways.

  40. Demented The Clown says:

    @kalkin Nice Idea Skeletal Robotic Limbs Could Be Near Replicas Of The Standard Skeletons, And The Rest Could Be Standard Proportions Aside From The Insect Hands.

  41. AJ says:

    some cyborg arms, maybe with weapons attached.
    peg leg (pirate style)
    alien arms/hands with claws.
    doc octopus tentacles from spiderman 2

  42. Worf says:

    @Jeff: And this is the point where I have to bring back the “stretch anywhere” idea, AKA “skew” or “stretch without keeping proportions”. I know you said it wasn’t doable, and I, in no way, want to be a pain or a bother, but are you completely sure??? That would solve just about every other sizing/fitting issue.

  43. Jeff Hebert says:

    Worf: Skewing and scaling are two different things. Scaling is changing the length of the x or y axis. You can scale x or scale y, either separately or in proportion, right now with the app.

    Skewing is when you drag one corner while the other three corners stay in place. Or dragging one edge while the opposite parallel edge remains in place. That is not possible at run-time with Flash. It is easily doable during authoring, but not at run-time. I am dead-certain about that. You can scale, you can move, you can rotate, you can change colors, but you cannot skew. The Flash engine simply does not support that in any way.

  44. Jeff Hebert says:

    @DTC: That’s at authoring time (i.e. when I am working on the source code). You cannot do that at run-time (i.e. when the source code is compiled from the .fla file into a web-usable .swf file).

    Authoring is what the developer does with the entire engine available to write code, draw the object, set up the timeline, design the animation, all that good stuff. Run-time is what you are using as a user. The run-time environment (i.e. the Flash Player) can do some things, like render the objects, scale existing objects, accept certain input from the environment, etc.) but not other things, like change the timeline, insert brand new user-authored code, or — yes — skew an existing object.

  45. Jeff Hebert says:

    BTW, you can do the same thing in HeroMachine 3 as they are doing with the snowflake in that example — they’ve just automated it so it looks pretty. But they are only using scaling and rotating to simulate a pseudo-skew, both of which you can do in HM3 using the Rotate and Scale tools. It’s not a real skew like what I think Worf is wanting.

  46. Blue Blazer says:

    I’d like to see some tree limbs for arms and legs with twigs for fingers and toes.

  47. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: Here’s my problem with re-scaling things for a Hulk-ish type of body: I make the character, re-scale it, and when I save it everything is normal size. What am I doing wrong?

  48. sammy seal says:

    have you ever thought about writing it in a different language and making it downloadable and even making to where you could add your own sets?

    I am sure there would be problems with this, but maybe eventually it might be good

  49. Worf says:

    @Jeff: Yeah, skewing was what I wanted. Too bad it’s not possible. It would solve just about every “fitting” issue out there. So now I’ll defer to your knowledge of the flash engine, since I’ve never played with it, and not mention this ever again.

    ps. thanks for not kicking me for bringing out old, already discussed, issues. 😉

  50. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Worf: I haven’t ever kicked anyone out, and if I did, it certainly wouldn’t be you, and definitely not for bringing up legitimate questions written in actual English with periods and capitalization and stuff, even if it’s been answered before 🙂

  51. PsyckoSama says:

    Working off the others given, I’d like to throw in the following

    1/2) Four toed foot with/without claws

    3/4) Three toed foot with/without claws

    5/6) Two toed foot with/without claws

    7) Import the clawed Zombie foot.

    8) hairy and scaled bodies for males and females. Like Standard Bodies 3, 10, and 11 in HM2.5. overlays alone don’t cut it.

    This isn’t quite on topic but it is a valid request

    9) Cut up the zombie bodies into parts a so we can have less heroically muscled peoples.

  52. PsyckoSama says:

    Oh. Forgot one other thing… tauroid bottoms

    Fish bottom, Tentacle bottom, Horse, Cat, and Spider, and Snake.

  53. Brad says:

    How about some weird scorpion limbs? Its claws and feet would both be great, especially if you had a full-length arm replacement, and as you’ve done body- legs before, those would be unique as well.

    Long live team arachnid!

  54. Demented The Clown says:

    @Jeff Once you’ve finished your list, I think it would be pretty cool if you gave everyone five random suggestions to be considered to be added to Heromachien.

  55. Gene says:

    Jeff, I’m pretty much assuming that the standard items will not fit most of the non human limbs that we are requesting without some work. Most of the head wear items won’t work well with the non human heads without some work as it is, so I wouldn’t expect it to be so with the limbs.

    Sure, the proposed robot-skeletal arm would probably be fine poking out of the sleeve of a jacket or dress, but a tree limb or tentacle might not fit quite right. And not much at all will work well at all on any of the torsos if you decide to do them.

    So my two cents is to keep doing it the way you’ve been doing it, keep it simple.

  56. Worf says:

    @Jeff: Awwww… Now I feel all warm and gooey inside. 😉 😛 HEHEHEHEHE

  57. TVGR says:

    Honestly, I think everything is fine already. But, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that everything can be improved upon.

    All I want is more ‘animal’ choices. For example, the furred body type is a good one, and different anthropamorphic animal limbs. Limbs and body types like these, for example, would be awesome.

  58. BroCoyote says:

    The new nonhuman limb suggestions look great so far. But a simple way to do would be to use a background shape to mask off the rest of one of the companions. I made a decent looking centaur this way but, having a clean horse body without the head would have made it easier. Perhaps start with some “amputated” limbs like the “decapitated” heads (Items>Head>Animals)you have used your from |(Items>Companions>Standard). Just a thought.

  59. Jeff Hebert says:

    @BroCoyote (72): Excellent suggestion, thank you! I hadn’t thought of that.

    @DannyBeaty (60): That’s not a problem with you, it’s a problem with how I’ve coded the save/load functions. They suck. That’s a major priority for when I sit down to revamp the code. Honestly, the code base is the biggest thing keeping this “alpha” now that there is a good solid base of essential items.

  60. paul says:

    Lizard men Legs!!!!!!!!!!