Friday Night Fights Finale!

Congratulations to our two finalists in the first HeroMachine Friday Night Fights Contest! Each of these gentlemen will receive a custom character illustration by yours truly, the winner's in color and the runner-up's in black and white. To have come this far means each of them created three great, winning characters in three different genres, which is no mean feat. Along the way they overcame some wonderfully illustrated opponents, and now at the last they meet head-to-head for the championship.

With no further ado, therefore, I give you your coincidentally Death-themed "Open" final round of this first iteration of Friday Night Fights:

[polldaddy poll="2372507"]

I am also happy to announce the winner of the West Coast Avengers bracket from last week, Calin the Beastmaster, who defeated runner-up Scarab almost two-to-one. Well done! Calin's illustrator will receive his or her choice of either a portrait or any item they like for inclusion in HeroMachine 3, so congratulations.

Which brings us to our last West Coast Avengers round, featuring the "Open" submissions of all our previous contestants who are not in the final two. There are some great entries here, and one in particular that I think may be the best thing I have ever seen come out of HeroMachine.

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As usual, the contests will run for one week, ending at midnight next Friday. The top vote getter wins, and you can vote once per day.

Good luck everyone! And thanks both to all of those willing to compete, as well as the great comments people have been leaving giving their critiques and thoughts on the various illustrations.