Character Contest 20: Costume crossover

Ordinarily I'd be hosting a Caption Contest this week, but with Halloween I just can't resist. Your challenge for the week is a little more complicated than usual, because we're going THREE DIMENSIONAL! I'm looking for the best HeroMachine recreation of an actual, real-life Halloween costume. You'll need a photo of the costume in question, and then the HeroMachine recreation/update. You could try to go for an exact duplicate, or you could take the basic idea and make it better, whichever you like, but there has to be a real costume your design's based on.

To review, here are the rules.

  • Each entry must consist of two images, one of a real-world Halloween costume, and one of your HeroMachine reinterpretation/duplication of it;
  • Both images for each entry must be posted to an online web site somewhere that I can get to (i.e. PhotoBucket, ImageShack, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • No more than five entries per person;
  • All entries must be left as comments to this post, with links to the images in question;
  • No editing in PhotoShop or whatnot, except for basic cropping (or putting the two images into one side-by-side, that kind of thing).

The winner will be decided next Tuesday by me, Jeff Hebert, Bald Guy, and will be awarded the choice of either a portrait of their face as a line drawing or any item of their choice, to be included with the HeroMachine 3 full release.

Good luck everyone!