Character Contest 19: The horror … the HORROR!

The season of silly costumes, a year-round affair in these parts, has reached critical mass in the world at large with the advent of that crazy holiday, Halloween! People from all walks of life will, for just this one night, release their inner geek and dress up as everything from the classic sheet-over-the-head ghost to an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars and everything in between.

As the advance guard of the Costume Design Revolution, however, it is incumbent upon us to lead the way, to show the regular citizens of this fine world what is possible. And so your challenge this week is to create the scariest Halloween costume/monster/getup you can using any version of HeroMachine you like.

I'll grant you, people dress up as non-scary stuff all the time for Halloween, but at its core the holiday is supposed to be about being scared. You don't have to go bloody, necessarily, but Tinkerbell ain't gonna cut it. Unless she's actually cutting it, "it" being the horrified neck of one Peter Pan, Esquire, for instance.

So get busy, folks, and make with the horror!

  • You have one week, starting today and ending next Tuesday.
  • All entries must be left as links to an image or images in the comments to this post, and all images must be 100% HeroMachine-generated (any version).
  • The winner will get to choose either any item he or she wants, or their caricature, put into HeroMachine 3 for all to see and love.

Good luck everyone, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

If you don't know how to do a screen capture, and for some reason are not happy with or can't use the "Save as JPG/PNG" button in HeroMachine 3, Hammerknight put together a how-to for you.

P.S. As a special, rare sneak preview, next week's contest is going to be you submitting a photo of you (or someone you know) in their Halloween costume, along with that same costume rendered in HeroMachine. So if you were on the fence about planning something for Halloween to wear, maybe this will be the kick in the pants you need!