Jimmy Olsdaughter

Look, if cross-dressing is your thing, more power to you. I suspect, however, that Jimmy Olsen did not enter into this emerald travesty of mini-skirt and go-go boots of his own volition, but rather is experiencing yet more side-effects from whatever "give me super powers for a day" potion he's chugged willy-nilly this time:


Perhaps Jimmy got confused, and thought he was Supergirl's best pal, and so wore a costume to honor her. Or maybe he just gets his jollies flashing the crowd as he uses his newly acquired power of flight. Regardless, if you're dressed worse than a guy with his underwear on the outside and a trapeze artist, odds are you should consider going into a different line of work. Or at least a different line of fashion.

(Image and characters © DC Comics, Inc.)