HM3: Girl stuff

With thanks to Demented the Clown for the gentle nudge and the painful (in a good way) face-plant of idiocy I subsequently administered to myself for not thinking of it before, I just posted the "TopsZombie" set to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. This should be of particular interest because it includes the Zombie Female tops like the cheerleader outfit, the fitted jackets, etc. so you can hopefully get a somewhat better female figure assembled a bit more easily.

Note that I was able to squeeze this in because it only took like thirty minutes. All I had to do was rename stuff and update the previews, so it was quick. The down side is that I don't have time to do the tops up in the "new" style of removing the sleeves as separate elements, so for some of these you're stuck with the arms in the regular down position.

This is just a quick and dirty stop-gap measure to get you something nicer than what we have, without implying that it's the optimal or final resolution.

Anyway, hope you get some use out of it until we can get the real female template up and itemized. In the meantime, back to the Mini grind, which hopefully should be done soon.