Character Contest 17: Mirror Universe

I had a lot of fun seeing the side-by-side heroes from last time's "Golden Age / Modern Age" theme, so I want to do something similar this week by introducing a time-honored trope of the genre: the "Mirror Universe / Evil Twin" contest!

(Image copyright Marvel Comics. You can tell the Kirk on the left is evil because no SANE man would wear his uniform OPEN like that! Don't tell Picard.)

Your challenge is to design two versions of the same character, one "good" and one "evil". They might be from mirror universes (like the classic Star Trek episode) or they might be twins of the one-good, one-evil variety (like every soap opera series ever written), or one might be an evil clone of the other (calling the extended Parker clone family), or whatever else you like. You can choose any genre and any sort of hero, but you have to have two versions, one good and one evil. You can either post the images separately, or put them together like I did above.

You have one week, starting today and ending next Tuesday. All entries must be left as links to an image or images in the comments to this post, and all images must be 100% HeroMachine-generated. The winner will get to choose either any item he or she wants, or their caricature, put into HeroMachine 3 for all to see and love.

Good luck everyone, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!