HM3: Possible female template

I still have a much better artist working on a female blank body template for you all, but in the meantime (since I seem to be on a body-drawing binge) I wanted to get your feedback on this:


The current Zombie body (not intended for prime time, but it was there, so ...) is on the right, the proposed new one on the left.

As for what I am working on now, I'm honestly taking this week and week-end to sort of play around with some ideas (like the toon body) that I've been thinking about. So in other words, no real item sets are being worked on at the moment, I'm tinkering. Which doesn't always yield results, but is still a necessary part of the creative process. There's also some behind-the-scenes corporate paperwork type stuff I am having to get together. Dull, but needful.

Next week is a short one for me as I have to go to Fort Worth to help my wife with a big event, but I'll probably be posting something on Monday giving the set I will work on so you can make requests. I don't want to clutter up this feedback thread with that, though.

So yeah, anyway -- let me know what you think of this basic template illo in general.