Character Contest 13: Kick it!

Apparently I am on a sidekick kick, because your character design contest for this week is to create a sidekick for some well-established, but currently solo, character! You can pick any character you like, so long as they don't currently have a sidekick and so long as your attempt is not a re-do of some other previously existing creation. In other words, you can't re-make Robin, since there's already a Robin, and you can't make a new sidekick for Batman called Aquaman who swims around and talks to fish.

The contest will run for one week, with the winner announced next Tuesday. The person with the best design will win the option of having either their caricature or any one item of their choosing included with the final HeroMachine 3 product. Everlasting fame, how sweet is that?!


  1. You can enter as many times as you want, but to be eligible, you must leave your entry as a comment to this post, and include a link to view the image on a public web server somewhere (i.e.,, the UGO Forums, etc.).
  2. Each entry must give what current character your creation goes with.
  3. No PhotoShopping or other image manipulation allowed with the exception of basic cropping.
  4. You must use some version of HeroMachine for your image.

Just to get the ball rolling, here are a few off-the-top-of-my-head ideas:

  • Krypto-Kid (Superman), a young boy of Superman-like abilities, origin unknown;
  • Shieldmaiden (Wonder Woman), a young Amazon kicked off of Paradise Island for being too warlike, sent to apprentice with Diana in hopes that her more warlike nature can be curbed.
  • Bot! (Zot!), a hyper-enthusiastic robot slavishly devoted to Zot who hopes to proselytize the Way of the Robot to all meat-shields, converting them to the cybernetic lifestyle.

In other words, part of the fun is figuring out why a given character would have a sidekick now, after all this time, and how their new compatriot would fit into the main narrative.

Good luck everyone, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

145 Responses to Character Contest 13: Kick it!

  1. Hammerknight says:

    Cool sounds good to me.

  2. Hammerknight says:

    Wonder Woman and Batman daughter would be the Amazon Avenger, who is now Wonder Woman’s Sidekick.

  3. Matt says:

    Can we do Villains?

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Sure, villains would be fun!

  5. Hakoon1 says:

    Can they be animals? Examples: Krypto the Superdog; Bathound etc…

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    Sure thing Hakoon, whatever you want.

  7. Timespike says:

    Just to clarify: this needs to be attached to an existing, widely-known superhero (or villain), right?

  8. Danny Beaty says:

    Here is Beacon, sidekick to the Green Lantern.

  9. Matt says:

    He might start to get annoyed at the fact were asking to many questions, am I right?

  10. Danny Beaty says:

    This is Kid Patriot, sidekick to Captain America (to the best of my knowledge, Cap no longer has a teen sidekick).

  11. Danny Beaty says:

    Oops! Let me try this again. Kid Patriot, Cap.

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    Correct, attached to an existing, (relatively) widely-known superhero or villain.

    And I am impervious to annoyance! Not. But in this case, not even close, ask away.

  13. Whit says:

    Taylor Jones was kicked out of his home at the age of 13. Whilst struggling to survive on the streets, he discovered he was double-jointed, and took a job in a small and shady circus as a contortionist. Two years later, when the circus visited New York, one of the spiders on display in the menagerie escaped and bit Taylor. He was left very sick and the manager of the circus, not wanting to spend anything on medical care, kicked Taylor out. When Taylor recovered, he noticed he was considerably stronger.

    Back to life on the streets, Taylor made a home of sorts in a New York alley. He was caught in the crossfire when the Green Goblin terrorised the neighbourhood. An abandoned building collapsed and fell right on Taylor. He survived by contorting himself into a very tight space and his superstrength kept the building from crushing him. Unbeknownst to him, the Green Goblin noticed his remarkable survival. The Goblin, as Norman Osborn, soon had spies tailing Taylor, and when they caught up with him, they made him an offer: join Oscorp, use his powers to serve the city, and he would be given gracious accommodations in return. Taylor couldn’t pass up the offer.

    Taylor was equipped with a special small cannon which fired a highly corrosive liquid. He was given a costume and an alter ego, the Brown Recluse. Osborn sent the Brown Recluse on his mission: to destroy Spider-Man. But as soon as he faced Spider-Man, he realised he was duped. He ran from the battle before it even started, and kept himself hidden. He eyed Spider-Man and tried to follow him. In this moment, he realised he could live as a hero like Spider-Man, but he felt he needed to learn from Spider-Man. He offered to come under Spider-Man’s tutelage. Spider-Man liked the offer but had to conceal his identity from Taylor. He told him to go the corner of Broadway and Flushing at 7pm. When Taylor arrived, he noticed a bright slip of paper attached to a cell phone. The note told him that this would be his exclusive line to Spider-Man. When he needed back-up, he’d send a text to Taylor as to where to meet.

    Thus began the partnership of Spider-Man and the Brown Recluse.

  14. RJ mcd says: this is Norman T Jones he is 40 and owns a comic book store in centeral city ever sience the flash saved his store from being robbed Norman wanted to be his side kick because of his girth and lack of speed flash jokingly called him slowpoke when he saw normans home made costume

  15. Whit says:

    No back story here. Just thought I’d have fun with the name.

    Captain Britain’s sidekick, Little Britain:

  16. Vigilante says:

    First off is the Black Panther’s sidekick, Leopard: In the near future, newlyweds T’Challa (Black Panther) and Ororo Monroe (Storm) give birth to a son who they name Faraji. As he grows older, T’Challa takes it upon himself to train his son in the ways of the Black Panther. During his training, he wears the pelt of the Leopard, a lesser cat of prey, and accompanies his father into combat. One day, when his father dies, he will become the next black panther.

    Next is Iron Man’s sidekick, Steel Soldier: As Tony Stark (Iron Man) grows older, he becomes increasingly aware that he is in need of an heir to Stark Industries and the Iron Man suit. He seeks out his closest relative, his long lost 18-year-old cousin, Donnie Stark. In order to train him, he builds Donnie a slightly less advanced robotic suit which he dubs “Steel Soldier”.

    Finally, there is Moon Knight’s sidekick, Deathwing: Intending to aid the lunar god, Khonshu, a goddess of death, Nephthys, decides to create her own avatar on earth as well. She summons Marc Spector’s (Moon Knight) girlfriend, Marlene Alraune, to Egypt in a dream. Obsessed, she sets off with a team of archeologists to uncover an ancient temple of Nephthys. Upon finding it, the goddess gives Marlene the chance to aid her boyfriend by becoming one with her. She accepts and becomes the falcon winged Deathwing.

  17. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    since i saw the entry from Danny i decided to do Moon Knight since his sidekick is dead…

    Chase Squire was only 8 years old when he started his fandom of moon knight…he collected articals, action figures, posters, etc. and when he turned 12 he made a silver and red costume and called himself, Red-Moon. Now armed with a tranquilizer gun he watches over the city with Moon Knight.

  18. The Imp says:

    This is a hypothetical sidekick/third leg of the triangle to the original Raymond/Stein Firestorm. Jack Wilson was an football star and friend of Ronnie Raymond who was caught up in the explosion that created Firestorm along with Raymond and Professor Stein. Instead of being fully integrated into the Firestorm identity, Wilson was able to transform into a second nuclear man, calling himself Reaction. He too shared Stein’s thoughts, however. Firestorm and Reaction could fuse into one supreme nuclear man in certain instances.

  19. Hakoon1 says:

    Astral Knight – Moon Knight’s Side-Kick. After he discovered Jeff Wilde wasn’t Moon Knight’s sidekick anymore he auditioned to be his new one. He mastered Jiu Jitsu and many forms of unarmed combat. He carries Throwing knives and a staff.

  20. Danny Beaty says:

    This is Spidey’s sidekick Kid Arachnid.

  21. Hakoon1 says:

    DeafDevil – Daredevil’s new sidekick can see, but he has no ears so unfortunately he is deaf. Daredevil and He share a special bond which allows them to communicate and fight together.

  22. Jose Inoa says:

    Yo, Kaldath! your Iron Lad Entry (20) was taken some time ago. Darn them!

  23. Kaldath says:

    oh well, did not know this, I think it was a good design even though it can’t win now, because you know, already been done!!, but it is not the end of my idea’s I’ll have a few more entries as the week goes by

  24. RSC5 says:

    Kyle, you can take pictures of your character by tapping the Print Screen button on your keyboard and then opening a paint program and clicking paste. (Different button name for Macs, but same general idea.)

  25. Whit says:

    So, I went through the trouble of creating this sidekick, only to discover afterwards that there was already a sidekick for this character. But I was proud of this work, I had to share it. So even though this is INELIGIBLE, here he is, Hong Kong Phooey’s sidekick, Tai Chi Chihuahua:

    The younguns might want to check this out:

  26. Worf says:

    Gee… is this the Moon Knight fan club????? Nothing against the guy, but… 4 entries for him already?

  27. JR says:

    yeah kaldath uh “ironlad” is/was a young avenger… sorry… ok red tornado, after 30 years needs a side kick he goes to newkypton to look for advanced robots after saving his life kol-zuron 13 was parted up with red tornado and was renamed The Green tornado. here he is:

  28. Danny Beaty says:

    Lots of good entries so far. I especially like IronLad.

  29. Danny Beaty says:

    This is the evil sidekick of Doctor Doom!

  30. Whit says:

    Jubilee’s sidekick Jamboree, a couple of years younger than Jubilee, with powers over sound.

  31. Chase says:

    I love Moon Knight I just think he is so origanol

  32. Ian says:

    Although he’s dead in most universes, Earth-94’s Jonathan Kent is alive and well. A freak nuclear accident endowed him with amazing superpowers and sent him to Earth Prime, where he chose to join up with his son Superman’s fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way as the World’s Greatest Dad.

  33. The Imp says:

    Hellion, a sidekick for Ghost Rider. Instead of a human possessed by a demon, Hellion is a demon possessed by a human, in this case a priest who attempted an exorcism and instead ended up in control of the demon’s body.

  34. Ian says:

    I couldn’t help but do one more.

    Batman was rendered toothless in the 1950s thanks to fears of blacklisting and congressional inquiries. During that time, his adventures were patently ridiculous, involving time travel and pink aliens and stuff.

    In 2009, the same thing has happened to Frank Castle, The Punisher. He’s been dumbed down, goofed up, and given a teen sidekick named Spanky, the Butt Slapper. This image is an homage to Detective Comics #38, Robin’s first appearance.

  35. Vigilante says:

    Heres a few more…
    The first is Spider-Man’s sidekick, Arachnid: A team of government scientists hopes to recreate Spider-Man’s powers by conducting a series of nuclear experiments on spiders. The experiment goes awry and scientist, Tom Greers, is nearly killed by the ensuing explosion. When he awakes, not only has he gone half insane, but he developed many of the web-slinger’s powers, such as wall crawling, increased speed and agility, and spider-sense. But he also has developed the ability to grow arms out of his back at will. Thinking he is a monster, the police hunt him until Spider-Man takes him under his wing.

    Second, there’s the Question’s sidekick, Red Visage: When ruthless police detective, Ray Vermillion, is discharged from the force over charges of assault and excessive force, he decides to work outside the system. He dons a Pseudoderm mask, similar to the Question’s except with eyes, and vows to stop crime. When the two adventurers cross paths during an attempted bank robbery, they decide to team up. Red Visage is more violent and ruthless, but less paranoid, than his partner.

    Last is Captain America’s sidekick, Firecracker: Young Adam Stern, heir to his father’s fireworks corporation, was always a big fan of Captain America. When HYDRA threatens to destroy New York, he finally meets him and sees the amazing things that Cap could do. From that day forward, he vowed that he would help Cap in any way he could. He made himself a disguise and took masses of dangerous fireworks from his father’s test labs, calling himself “Firecracker”.

  36. Chase says:

    Hey Kyle how do you put the weapon in your hands like that

  37. Worf says:

    The result of a military project trying to make a loyal soldier with Lobo’s abilities, they tried to mix Lobo’s dna with a wolf’s. Here’s Cub, Lobo’s sidekick:

  38. Worf says:

    @Ian (#49) Thanks for a great laugh! Spanky is very funny!

  39. Danny Beaty says:

    @Ian: I think you just won the contest. That is freakin’ hilarious!

  40. marx says:

    Rorshack’s Journal, July 30, 1982

    Saved some homeless kid in a stained T-shirt from back-alley pervert tonight. Kid decided I’m his hero. Follows me everywhere. Calls himself “Blot Boy”. Don’t know where he found that old hat. Tried to scare him off, tried to lose him, but he keeps finding me. How? Big City. Does he have actual super power to annoy? Must investigate. Could be more dangerous than Jon.

    I tried to do a character in a running pose this time. The lack of pants pieces made it tricky. The result is not entirely convincing, but it’ll do. If the Legwear slot had sets for thighs and calf pieces that could be assembled into a pair of pants, it would be much easier.

  41. Matt says:

    Introducing the new and amazing side-kick to Dr. Strange…

    Mr. Slighty-peculiar, but actually quite normal in some ways.

  42. Danny Beaty says:

    @Whit: Does Venusian Vanguard know the Venusian bird woman?

  43. Whit says:

    I don’t know who that is.

  44. Chase says:

    Oh ignore the post at the bottom I was going to make a sidekick for him but forgot here’s the Mr.Freeze

  45. RJ mcd says: dr dredd Dr dooms son and sidekick he is wearing a old model of his fathers suit

  46. D says:

    Scarecrow’s sidekick Effigy

    Bio: After Jonathan Crane’s defeat at the hands of Batman, Talia al Ghul and her father, who she’d resurrected with the aid of a newly constructed Lazarus Pit, accidently opened a portal to a previously undiscovered dimension. Through this portal stepped a demonic entity called Effigy, which resembled a large, fiery humanoid dummy, and which had been woken from stasis by the opening of the portal.

    This entity made a pact with the al Ghuls: help Crane defeat Batman in return for souls to provide his world with a greater power source. Little did Talia and Ra’s know that he intended to start with theirs…

  47. Mr.Vampire says:

    One of the first times I played with HM years ago I made this one. Presenting it now because I’m a bit short of free time lately.

    Hawkgirls sidekick.
    Chicken Man
    (thos was the name I felt best fitted, the others were: The Rooster and Captain Cock).

  48. D says:

    I uploaded my entry to wikiupload, and I’m not even allowed to access their server to make sure the link worked! It’s supposed to be free! So, I’ve gone with a different filehost

    Hopefully it’ll work this time.

    Oh yeah, and here’s a pic of Scarecrow:

  49. D says:

    Sorry, that should have been http//

  50. MartianBlue says:

    OK 2 for Capy
    First up is more of a team-up Deal
    Captain America & U.S. Justice
    Entry 1.)
    Next we have an actual sidekick duo
    Captain America & The Liberteen
    Entry 2.)

  51. Whit says:

    The Story of Wonder Lad

    Anaximander was the son of the god Apollo and an Amazon maiden. When Apollo learnt that he was to have a son, he had a falcon kidnap the newborn and bring him to his throne, for fear that his son would be banished from Themyscira. When the boy came of age, Apollo sent him to Wonder Woman to learn the ways of a hero, as well as his Amazon culture. The gods equipped him for his journey–the Helmet of Wisdom from Athena, the Gauntlets of Might from Hephaestus, and the Sun Chakra from Apollo himself.

    Anaximander took the civilian name Alexander Ladd. He created a hero costume using the gifts of the gods. He adorned his costume with suns, to remind him of his father. He fashioned a badge featuring the initials WL–Wonder Lad–in the shape of a descending falcon, reminding him of how he left Earth, and that he came back with a mission.

  52. Whit says:

    D: The link to Effigy doesn’t work.

  53. Whit says:

    Kyle: Iron Maiden’s link doesn’t work.

  54. Whit says:

    Oops, sorry D, I posted that before the new link was posted.

    How on *earth* did you do the background for Effigy?

  55. Whit says:

    Kyle, it’s working now.

    Do you know about the JPG and PNG buttons within HeroMachine 3? You just click that and it will automatically send a JPG or PNG of the file to your computer. As it is, we’re missing out on the quality of your work.

  56. Danny Beaty says:

    @Hammerknight: If Snowcone gets in a fight, I’m sure he will get licked.

  57. Danny Beaty says:

    This is the Ghoul, the sidekick of the Green Goblin.

  58. Fabien says:

    Spadassin, Paladin’s sidekick :

  59. Soccerchoco says:

    Here is Fox, sidekick of Wolverine.
    And here is his story…(Please read, took a long time, a sore finger from typing and a lot of cups of tea to come up with!)
    After living in poverty in Mexico, 15- year old Dylan Maxwell travels all the way to Japan to compete in a Martial Arts championship. Unable to afford training, he competes unpracticed and has to retire due to injury. With no money left to travel home, Dylan ventures into the Japanese wilderness and lives with a pack of foxes for a few years. He then re-enters the city, and joins the Japanese Martial Arts training academy at the age of 18. He is accepted because of his talent, but unaware of his new fox abilities, he kills a novice opponent. The leader of the academy privately trains him to use his powers for good. Eventually, Dylan hears of Wolverine, and makes himself a vigilante named Fox. After finding Wolverine, he joins him as a superhero sidekick.

  60. kyle says:

    i don’t know how to use the JPG and PNG buttons!

  61. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Kyle: You just click one or the other. A new browser window will open and you should get a dialog box asking if you want to save the image, and where — pick someplace on your hard drive where you can find it, and off you go. Once the file’s on your hard drive you can do whatever you want with it.

    It’s the same basically as you’re doing with taking digital photos of your screen, only the computer’s taking the photo instead of your camera.

  62. Soccerchoco says:

    Another entry from me. Here is Zap, sidekick to Zoom (the supervillain enemy of Flash).

    Adam West was Wally West (Aka Flash)’s long-lost cousin. After seeing how famous his cousin Flash had become, he decided to become Flash’s enemy. However, he soon discovered Flash already had an enemy- Zoom (Hunter Zolomon, Wally’s ex- best- mate). Adam tracked down Zoom, and stole a hair to use as DNA. Combining this DNA with energy syrum, Adam drank the mixture and gained similar- but weaker- powers to Zoom, yet he had more energy due to the effects of the syrum. Zoom met Adam, and seeing the threat he posed to Flash, Zoom accepted Adam as his sidekick. Adam made himself an alter- ego as Zap, with a costume similar to Zoom’s.

  63. jason ransom says:

    now i love villins and what better villin is there than Darth vader!!? so i created his sidekick and parter in crime.

    His name is Darth Naberius. he was born with the ability to use the force but growing up he never told any one of it, only because he knew he wuld have to apart of the war between the republic and the sith. however, he taught himself to use the force so that he may use how ever he wants “good, bad” w/e. Naerius also had an interest in constructing lightsabers, he eventualy started constructing light sabers for real jedi knights. he soon started to invent his own equipment and weapons based upon the application of a light saber, he outfitted gauntlets, created a saber disc that can eject out of his gauntlets, he also created a “grenade” using light saber tech. he has also created hundreds of weapons and gadgets. when lord sidius had knowlage of this he wanted to recruit him as his apprentis and so he was. later on Nadeius became dark and ruthless and layl to vader. his identity is secret, to others he does not exist, he also a mercenary hired to kill…even hired to kill jedi, wich he has done offten!!

  64. Whit says:

    This is fun! I feel like I’m almost creating an alternate version of the DC universe (which is weird, because I know Marvel better).

  65. MartianBlue says:

    Batman & Bat-Wing is my 3 entry, not second. Sorry for the typo.

  66. Whit says:

    On Wonder Lad–Chakram not Chakra, I knew I messed that word up somehow.

  67. MartianBlue says:

    Batman and Bat-Wing
    After looking at Bat-Wing, I thought he looked a little to much like Batman, so I did a small revamp to try to change him up a bit. This isn’t replacing my third entry, it’s just an alternative.
    1. Mask cut to reveal hair
    2. Emblem made to look more like a bat
    Entry 4.)

  68. NGpm says:

    Here’s my next, even though it isn’t where I exactly want it.

    Figment has been plaguing Spiderman recently. Is he a result of an overload from stress, or is he really some specter haunting Spidey? Whatever the case, he has been popping in to “warn” Spiderman of things and generally pester him with his terrible fake British accent while sipping on hot tea.
    Think Col. Crittenden from Hogan’s Heroes (if you’re as aged as I).

    Fits as a sidekick in the comic relief department while acting as a foil and all around distraction for Spiderman.

  69. Worf says:

    Well, after having the app crash on me 4 times…. Here’s the Nightingale, sidekick to the Black Canary.

    Gail Sanders was having a run of bad luck when she decided to turn to crime. On her first outing she was stopped by Black Canary and after that decided to turn her life around. She managed to convince Dinah to take her under her wing and now they patrol the streets together.

  70. Worf says:

    on a side-note… since I’m not going to have time to do these, I’m going to throw out some other ideas I had and maybe someone will decide to develop them before the end of the contest…

    – Private Proton, sidekick to Captain Atom
    – Kitty-boy, sidekick to Cat-Man
    – Weirdo, sidekick to Bizarro
    – Poison Oak, sidekick to Poison Ivy

  71. Andre says:

    Growing older in age, and knowing she must soon pass the torch, Storm returns home to her native village, and finds her niece, Priestess K’alla serving her people as she once did. K’alla has control over the earth and is new in her abilities, under Storm’s tutelage she will soon become a master of her powers like her auntie.

    Storms sidekick K’alla

  72. Steve says:

    @ worf….I thought Id give Poison Oak a try, being a nature lover and all…

    Poison Oak, sidekick of Poison Ivy

  73. kyle says:

    for those who dont know how to put weapons in hands
    1.chose a hand
    2.chose a weapon
    3.go to the masking button and click on the weapon then the hand

  74. Danny Beaty says:

    This is Seawing, sidekick of the Submariner.

  75. Steve says:

    Ralos, the Sidekick of Bizarro, and also the Bizarro version of Solar, my previous entry, the sidekick of Superman.

  76. Fabien says:

    Fatum, the Doctor Doom sidekick :

    Harry the Sun, another attempt at a Nova sidekick :

  77. Chase says:

    Kyle just asking did you get The Coon idea from South Park

  78. jason ransom says:

    ok my second character is the sidekick of spider-man, his name is the The Texas Reptile.

    sully, a 28 year old reptile specialist was in texas when his team discovered a new spicies of lizard, when they captured it sully was bitten in the neck. not knowing if the this lizard was poisoness or not they decides to test there experimental universel anti venom, for about a day he seemed fine but then he got extremely ill. the team leader rushed him to new york to a hospital were they recently had a break thru in rapid cell growth due to what they call “alpha” radiation. the treatment was a succsess! buring a years time sully’s body was undergoing mutation, hard scally skin, the growth of a tale and his eyes were becoming more sensitive to light. back in texas his team dicovered that the lizard that bit him was poisoness however its blood is what was poison and theory is is that its blood bindes to its preys blood turning ther blood to poison, the alpha raid healed his body of the poison but since it accelerated is cell growth it mapped his dna as well as the lizards resulting in his mutation…and he becoame The Texas Reptile!

  79. jason ransom says:

    i just decided to repost my 1st side kick. this is Darth Naberius recently a side kick of the sith lord and vader, but as a kid he was a jedi assasin, and assasin for hire. his bio was already posted.

  80. kyle says:

    yes i did get the coon idea from south park.
    let me guess you watch south park too?

  81. Chase says:

    Hell Ya!
    oh my god! you killed KENNY!

  82. kyle says:

    one of the funniest episode of south park!

  83. Chase says:

    I know, but were you not supposed to know it the Question was in South Park

  84. kyle says:

    do you know who is mysterion?

  85. DeisT says:

    Well, prolly a bit too late for my entry to be valid he he, but I decided on posting it nonetheless for the sake of it.
    Here you are guys…

    Artus Kloergan (at times also nicknamed “Wolfheart”)
    ( )

    once teamed up for some time with HERCULE in an unaccounted episode of the demi-god’s adventures. Although doubt remains about his exact origins and race, it was obvious enough from Artus’ overall appearance and garments that he came from the high snowy mountains of Northern Europe (the actual lands amidst which Bifrost is to be found that leads to Asgard). In his homeland he used to be a wolf hunter. He also hinted more than once that he was forced to flee away from his folks and now wends his way as an outcast, but why so he didn’t tell.

  86. DeisT says:

    Ok, I didn’t resist to present you another (quick) one — in an Nth version for this list.

    Meet (yet again) the astonishing… “Spider-Kid”!

    (What’s that? Who did I hear asking: “Which hero’s sidekick is this?”)

  87. Walker says:

    This is Twister, sidekick to Spiderman… he has super speed and agility. Spiderman uses his power in a number of ways, like shooting a web to him to clothes-line fleeing criminals. He can run fast enough to run on walls and such so he has no trouble keeping up with the web slinger.


  88. Chase says:

    I dont know who mysterion is his face looked like everybody else

  89. kyle says:

    whats the next contest going to be about ???


  90. kyle says:

    thanks for the help Jeff, whit,RSC5
    now i finally go the hang of it.

    Jeff you have a marvels website.