Random Panel: A transformation we’d all rather not see


(From "Transformers" number 24, ©Marvel Comics. Hat tip to Chris' Invincible Super Blog.)

17 Responses to Random Panel: A transformation we’d all rather not see

  1. Hammerknight says:

    Like we never heard that before.

  2. John says:

    “Ethan Zachary” is code for “Megan Fox.”

  3. Joshua says:

    Optimus– sure, we’ve made strides in our acceptance of alternative sexualities, but you still practice the very love that dare not speak its name: robosexuality. I mean why can’t humans and synthetics share a meaningful bond that transcends limiting definitions like carbon-based and silicon based? How about “love based”? And while you are two different species, both humans and Cybertronians have much in common: both are bipedal (…well, Cybertronians are for the most part), and both are a sentient race. Yeah, I can see how there could be a mutual attraction. I mean, personally, I don’t transform and roll out that way, but hey– who am I to judge?

  4. Loki says:

    wow, I didn’t know they had sexual reproductive organs….and names for them.

  5. RSC5 says:

    @Loki: Transmut writers have created some incredibly colorful terms. Plugs, sparks, wire stroking…it’s all quite alarming.

  6. The Imp says:

    Wire stroking? WTF?

  7. RSC5 says:

    Yeah, like the wires are sensitive and there’s…transforming seams to, uhm…and I’m not going into it! Just trust that it’s a thing. (…Lubricants. Everywhere!)

  8. Xstacy says:

    I dunno about everybody else, but I’m just a little alarmed that you’re so knowledgeable about erotic Transformers fan fiction, RSC5. I’m not gonna judge or anything, but…I’m not letting you near my car, either.

  9. RSC5 says:

    A few of my more heavy into the fandom friends had an indepth discussion on the subject once. There were *unpleasant* examples brought forth. And I do love Starscream, but I just don’t understand the whole appeal of the “clang clang clang” as they say.

  10. Worf says:

    HOLY FRAK! This is the funniest discussion here in a long time…

    @RSC5: Next, you’re going to tell us your friends are building an Optimus replica just to….oh let’s not go into that…..

    BTW, just like everyone else, I’m not judging in any way….but still……

  11. Jeff Hebert says:

    I have now officially Seen It All. Thank you RSC5.

  12. Loki says:

    @everyone: Guys, are you disturbed as I am?

  13. Jimmy says:

    It’s like kiss players only worse.

  14. RSC5 says:

    @Jimmy: There is nothing worse than Kiss Players, dude.

  15. PCFDPGrey says:

    Mastering his joystick as a fisherman masters bait.

  16. The Imp says:

    I like the wire coming out of his head. What exactly is that… connected to? Never mind, don’t wanna know.

  17. ThatStrangeGirl says:

    Anyone else notice the emphasis on “MY”? I guess Optimus doesn’t want Ethan Zachery touching anyone else’s joystick.