Well, I'm afraid to say it, but circumstances in my life are forcing me to go on hiatus for an unknown amount of time. It's a number of things and personal issues that I have to deal with. I'll still be around though, helping Jeff occasionally and answering questions that show up in my old posts, but for now I'm not going to be able to run weekly blogs.

I don't know what Hammerknight has in mind yet, but he's agreed to step in with Hammerknight's Recipes, which so far seem to be geared more towards what people are asking for anyway. So good luck, HK!

For those needing a quick reference on (useful) things I've already written--

Introduction to Human Bodies In HeroMachine 3

Masking Cool Animal Legs and Custom Heraldry on Shields

Queer Eye for the Superhuman Guy! (the weird superhero story)

Studly Male Poses and Looking Different Directions

Alluring Female Poses and Provocative Hair-Masking

The Official Masking Tutorial Work-In-Progress

Yes, "questions" includes requests for step-by-steps, but those take awhile to make, and until my "State of MY Union" post, I wasn't as aware that so many people wanted it broken down like that. I'll do my best to serve!