HM3: Pattern changes

I've just updated the HeroMachine 3 Alpha with some bug fixes:

  • Made it so that you can apply Patterns to Hands and still mask Items into them -- no more full-screen free-floating grayscale patterns when what you really wanted was scales on the hand to match the forearm.
  • Changed the size of the mask on the Hands, so that long objects like swords or staffs shouldn't get nipped in half when placed and masked.
  • Changed the size of the default grayscale patterns (the ones in the Patterns tab) so they fill the whole screen. You can see this most easily when using the long cape in Backplane-Standard, previously all of the patterns would abruptly end about three inches before they got to the bottom of the cape. Now they go all the way down.
  • Changed the "Tiger Stripe" pattern rather significantly, lowering the alpha value to 40% instead of 70% and using a completely new drawing for them, hoping to make them look better.
  • Minor change to Save/Load, hoping to fix the layering problem. Let me know if this still happens -- I don't have high hopes I fixed it, but we'll see.

Let me know if you see any weirdness.

Also, a warning -- this isn't supposed to do anything bad to your previously saved characters, but I can't guarantee that. In general, until we get to a full release (or at least a solid beta), you should always make a JPG or PNG of any character you don't want to lose. I may have to significantly change something at some point that will effectively destroy your old saved characters. I don't PLAN on that, but you never know -- that's why it's still an alpha.