I know Thor. I served with Thor. And you, sir …

I love Thor's winged helmet, and clearly, despite living in an alternate reality, so does DC's "Darkwing". Unfortunately he doesn't know the same high level of dwarven craftsman the God of Thunder does:


Somewhere a roll of flat sheet metal is missing two wing-shaped cut-outs. My favorite part of the homage, however, is the metal clamp holding the cut-outs onto his noggin. Because nothing says "Scary Super Villain" like headgear you attach with a screwdriver. Apparently Thor isn't too pleased either:


At a certain point, inspiration turns into desperation, and I think Mr. Darkwing passed it a long, long ways back. It's not just the pathetic flat Thor-wannabe helmet wings, or the doughy ill-fitting Superman underwear knocoffs, it's the fact that even though his foe is Hawkman, he stole Hawkman's logo!


Granted, he reversed it left-to-right, but come on, pal, it's like you're not even trying. If I were Hawman, I'd hit him again. Because as bad as a Thanagarian thief is, a Thanagarian fashion thief is even worse.

(Thor character and image ©Marvel Entertainment. Hawkman and Darkwing characters and images © DC Comics, Inc.)

6 Responses to I know Thor. I served with Thor. And you, sir …

  1. EnderX says:

    Wait, wings? Those things put me in mind of metal moose antlers.

  2. berserker says:

    well its either villain or weirdo that has too much time on his hands

  3. Worf says:

    It could be worse… Imagine his foe was Batman… Now imagine Darkwing saying those were supposed to be bat wings AND he tried reversing Batman’s logo.. THAT would be messed up

  4. J. Tester says:

    That’s funny, because a reversed Batman logo would just be the Bat logo… It would have to be upside down to be any different, but I definitely wouldn’t wanna be the baddie who did such a thing to Batman’s emblem. Another point of note: Hawkman’s winged helm predates even Thor’s by years.

  5. Cavalier says:

    Darkwing? Is he “the terror that flaps in the night?”

  6. Worf says:

    No…… I’m pretty sure that the terror that flaps in the night is something definitely NOT PG-13…. Therefore it’s unmentionable in this blog. 😉 😀