Contest 56 Winner

I am happy to announce that the winner of Caption Contest 56 is ... Blue Blazer! I laugh every time I look at this:


The number of entries was down this week, I imagine as a result of the change in prizes, but although Blue Blazer doesn't win his own custom black and white illustration, he DOES get to choose either a) any one item in any one slot to be included in HeroMachine 3 or b) an illustration of his head and face to be included in HeroMachine 3 so he can serve as the basis for millions of super-heroes across the world!

There were still some really funny entries, though, including the following Honorable Mentions:

  • The Imp: Okay, boys! Let’s… REDECORATE THIS HOUSE!
  • William A. Peterson: “Hi! I’m a Jehovah’s Witness! Have you heard the WORD of the Lord?”
  • The Dudemeister: You boys look like you’ve been Golden BAD! Whose ready to DANCE?
  • amathakathi: I get the feeling i should NOT have listened to my rice krispies this morning…
  • chaetophile: Looks like my (bold)girlfriend(/bold)gave me the right address! You creeps don’t stand a chance against Golden Lad and his (bold)girlfriend(/bold) ! I’m getting set to smack you all to perdition, so that I can get right back to my (bold)girlfriend(/bold)!

Many thanks to everyone who entered. Finally, I thought you might want to see what the original panel was as published in the actual 1945 "Golden Lad" comic: