Character Contest 2: The Inhumans

Take a look at the following two creations by Hammerknight from the UGO Forums:


What do you notice about them? That's right -- THEY AIN'T PEOPLE!! I was really hoping someone would use the Companions as the basis for an illustration, and without prompting Hammerknight knocked it out of the park. Inspired by his innovation, that's your challenge for this week:

Create a "character" illustration using HeroMachine 3 without using any of the items in any of the Body or Head slots.

You can use Feet and Hands and anything else you like, but no Bodies or Heads. The idea is to do what Hammerknight did, creating a non-human character. It can be a super-hero, a villain, a pulp character, a sidekick, or just a plain old horrific monster, but no people. Because people are Soylen Green! Or something.

The deadline is one week from today, when I will pick a winner. To be eligible, you must post a link to an image of your character in the comments to this post. You can put the image wherever you like, but it must be visible without having to log in (except for the UGO Forums, that's still ok. I just don't want to have to make an ImageShack and Flickr and and and and account, you know?).

The winner will get to choose either a) any one item to be included in any one slot of HeroMachine 3 or b) a caricature of their face/head to be included in HeroMachine 3 to serve as the model for thousands of characters.

Good luck everyone!

52 Responses to Character Contest 2: The Inhumans

  1. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    Hey jeff heres my first : a vampire fire horse!!!!

    (BTW wouldnt this be character contest 3….due to the patriot hero contest?)

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    I majored in English and Math, Zorbas, don’t make me do math :-p

    Actually it would probably be at least contest 5, as there was the second color one Kaldath won, and the first that was … oh gosh, it was a blue knight guy …

    Anyway, this is the second in the HeroMachine 3 – inspired series. Like Volume Two of the character contests if you will. Or “Contests on Infinite Earths”. Or “Secret Wars II” only not, you know, crap.

  3. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    and #2!!!!! the SLUGJUG A mutant SLUG bat…thingy….toxic green….uum well here:

  4. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    oops TINY link heres da actual link….

  5. MegaGoober says:

    From my Black Magic Tribe story, the first transformation of the flame bandit, Infeas Firek. Now, although only temporarily, a great Red Wolf, his speed and shape have been drastically altered. His armor has been magically refitted to protect him in this new form.

    Heres another pic of him using a different wolf pose. Oops, forgot to put his tail armor on this one…

  6. MegaGoober says:

    From the Black Magic Tribe, I give you the flame bandit, Infeas Firek – mystically transformed into a great red wolf. Although only temporarily, his speed and appearance are largely altered, giving him and his team much more variety in battle.

    Here is another pic, with a different wolf pose. I put his helmet on the ground cuz’ his head is facing sideways, but I just plain forgot the armor on his tail…

  7. Damien says:

    Do animal heads count?

  8. Worf says:

    Here’s hoping the question above is an affirmative, and therefore this entry is valid. 😉

    Here’s the rock dragon:

  9. Jeff Hebert says:

    I think animal heads are probably fine.

  10. TheNate says:

    What if Skynet was brought to life in 1797, as a self-aware steam-driven computer? If that happened, I picture the Terminators sent to kill John Connor’s many-times great grandmother would look this:

    I figured since everyone else was doing animals, a robot would set me apart.

  11. hofter says:

    here is serpento (im bad for choosing names,…):

    by the way i looked for a human on the companions area, but i couldn’t found one so if the human i made is not legal i can change it for a wolf or something,….
    hope u like it!

  12. marx says:

    Here’s a Quarren (Squid Head) Jedi Knight.

    Altho, after seeing Damien’s Mecha Griffon, I’m almost ashamed of my entry.

    Working on this made me realize that the Shoulders section needs some upper sleeves to go with the lower sleeves in the Gloves sections, so that clothed arms can be put in different positions.

  13. tigerguy786 says:

    Here are mine:

    I figure it is a cyborg ferret designed for espionage work and/or assisting a recon or infiltration team

    This is a tiger that was turned into a tank…I know, the name is corny…

  14. Isia says:

    do humanoids count, ie: mechanical type or do they have to be from the animal/companion menu thingy?

  15. Dan Gonzalez says:

    Here’s my effort: The Hellsteed!

  16. sonbyrd says:

    here is “Squintari” a super intelligent squid with a bad

  17. Here’s mine, tried to make a virus structure. 😀

  18. violodion says:

    @Hammerknight, post #16: Geez, there are THIRTEEN images there! rolleyes 🙄

  19. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Nathan: Those links works, thanks!

    @Isia (#17): Humanoids count, although I was thinking originally of non-human critters. But technically the rules just say you can’t use anything from the Body slot, so other than that, go for it.

  20. Artfuldodger says:

    Alright, I’ll give it a shot…


  21. paul says:

    You didn’t say they had to be organic right? If not then here is a creation I made a few week sago fo rmy Flash gordon style gmae…the Skelabot

  22. Steve says:

    I didnt see my link get posted, so here it is again…

    Fresh from the Terragen Mists….(literally Inhuman….)


  23. Damien says:

    @Dan Gonzalez
    @Zorbas the Great
    –you inspired me to try and one-up you both with the above. I hope no hard feelings?

  24. Steve says:

    i feel so inadequate with some of these creations..and I thought I was doing good too….:-/

    #2 Techno-Rex

  25. The Imp says:

    Here’s my entry (hopefully it doesn’t end up in Jeff’s trash folder 😀 ):

    This is the head of an order of cybermonks on a far-future terraformed Mars.

  26. Vengeance says:

    Well I just had to throw my hat into the ring so to speak

  27. Worf says:

    WOW.. some really REALLY cool stuff here….

    Taking a tip from Damien’s mecha-grifon, I give you:
    Junkie the robot 😉

    ps. not a single item here (with the exception of the chest insignia) was used for its “intended” purpose.

  28. Worf says:

    @Steve (#31,34): Seriously??? I though those were really interesting and original

    @Damien (#12,27,32): Frak man… I feel like hiding under a rock now… Absolutely LOVED the SpectreCycle. THAT should be Ghost Rider’s bike. and that death horse?? WOW! Inspired idea to layer the fire hair over the fire insignia… great effect. I could go on and on, but it would take a while…Just AWESOME!!

  29. The Librarian says:

    Heres my entry: a Demon Monkey

  30. Damien says:

    @Worf: Thank you! I really appreciate the back-patting. If you’d like to check out some more, go check my “dump site” That has more of my HM3 creations, as well as a few photoshopped HM2’s from a while ago

  31. Damien says:

    ahem…still working on filling it up, I’d like to add…

  32. marx says:

    Something a little less humanoid this time. Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec’s feathered serpent god of knowledge, built mostly from wings, tails and insignias.

  33. Damien says:

    And my final (I think) entry in this weeks contest–Gyro-Fetch! And a new link to view them at– This is my new contest entries page, so I only need one link ever again. Mwa-ha-ha-ha…I mean, enjoy…

  34. Timespike says:

    I’m going to submit a previously-existing creation for this one.

    Here’s my entry:

    The feet are spandex legwear.

  35. Timespike says:

    Good lord, Damien! I’m willing to just hand this one to you, at this point, and I’m not even the judge! That stuff is amazing!

  36. Damien says:

    @Timespike: Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback I’;ve gotten from you and everyone else. (My secret? I P’shopped the crap out of stuff with HM2. Check out some of my other stuff at and you’ll see what I mean!)

  37. Hammerknight says:

    Added a couple more entries this weekend. The link is in post #16 check ’em out.

  38. Jester says:

    Here’s my entry; I hope I’m not too late 😛 It’s a Nightmare Stallion, link provides (lame) description.

  39. Jeff Hebert says:

    It looks like errands are going to keep me from getting the judging out until later this evening, but it’s coming. Thanks for your patience!

    Until I post the winner you can still enter. It’s pretty tough going, though, there are some stunning images already in.

  40. neon_n64 says:

    Sucks to be you right now Jeff.

    Choosing a single winner from so many cool designs must be hard.