HM3: Tech-nically an upgrade

I just uploaded an expanded "InsigniaTech" set for HeroMachine 3, doubling the number of items. Here's a quick preview:


I also have a bunch of gears (cogwheels) per Fabien's request, that's one of the items I regretted not fitting into the Standard set. Hopefully that will help make steampunk types of things easier.

10 Responses to HM3: Tech-nically an upgrade

  1. violodion says:

    Wow, looks great!

    Bug: Insignia > Standard/Tech > Bolt (pg1, row1, item1), pattern spills out of the shape (others Insignia are fine).

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for catching that, V, I’ve applied a fix and uploaded it. That item was totally hosed up, I don’t know how I managed that. But, it should work now.

  3. The Doomed Pixel says:

    Steampunk was my thought exactly with the gears…Thank you!

  4. Worf says:

    Jeff, is it just my computer, or are the first 19 items of insignia>tech the same as insignia>standard? And if so, why do we need a repeat of those items?

  5. coyote says:

    yay steam punk

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Worf: It’s not just your computer, that’s the way it’s designed. Like in 2.x, the Standard sets are supposed to be compilations of the other sub-sets, so you get a flavor of what they have. Kind of a sampler. Then if you go to the sub-set, you get all the items from it that were in Standard, plus a bunch more. It’s for organization’s sake. If someone knows they want a high-tech insignia, I don’t want to make them remember that most of them are in one place with a few left out and stuck somewhere else, I want them all to be in one easy to find location.

  7. Worf says:

    ok then… YAY for even more insignias! (there will be more sets later right?)

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes, I’m working on “Nature” tomorrow, which probably will be it for a while until I can get the other missing Standard sets done.

  9. violodion says:

    HM3 is bringing out the perfectionist is some folks. Noticed a few items with pattern peeking through in spots it best not. A few others allow background color to pop through.

    Insignia with pattern bleed:
    * Atom — Std > pg2, row1, item 2
    * Stylized Tree — Std > pg5, row1, item 1
    * Plain Ankh — Std > pg5, row1, item 2
    * Caduceus — Std > pg6, row2, item 1
    * Stylized Dragon — Std > pg6, row2, item 2
    * Boat Anchor — Std > pg7, row2, item 3
    * Halt Symbol — Std > pg8, row1, item 3

    Insignia with slight color bleed:
    * Shark Attacking — Std > pg3, row1, item4
    * Eagle Emblem — Std > pg3, row2, item2
    * Eagle Outline — Std > pg3, row2, item3
    * Phoenix — Std > pg3, row2, item4
    * Heraldic Eagle — Std > pg5, row4, item 4
    * Stylized Sun — Std > pg7, row1, item 2
    * Rook — Std > pg8, row3, item 2
    * Tri-Gears — Tech > pg2, row3, item 3
    * Ball Fire — Tech > pg3, row2, item 2

    ( Image post to follow. )

  10. violodion says:

    Relevant images for post #9 (above):

    Pattern Peeking —

    Color Peeking —