Poll Position: The Death of … ?

This week's Poll Position puts you in the position of one Mr. Grim of the Reaper family. We've all been through various super-hero deaths over the years, from the Barry Allen Flash to Supergirl to Superman and most recently Captain America. It's become a staple of the genre, but we the readers never get to say who gets the axe.

Well, now you do!


Discussion after the jump.

If you're going to off a major, beloved character, I say you ought to get something for it. Like, eliminating a major threat. Getting gunned down on the steps of the courthouse is for losers, I want me some "Supergirl prevents the destruction of the multiverses" action here, so I tried to pick the worst of the worst of each character's rogues gallery.

  • Batman and the Joker: Batman has long struggled with the decision of whether or not to kill the Joker. So many lives have been lost to the Clown Prince, it's hard to justify not doing the deed. So if you're going to have to kill off Batman anyway, you could do a lot worse than ridding the world of this mass murderer at the same time. None of the other villains Batman has faced have the same psychotic, effective ability to murder, and while criminal organizations tend to self-heal, the Joker is a singular, unique entity of evil. Eliminating him would be a true help to the world.
  • Daredevil and Kingpin: On the one hand, The Kingpin's the major architect of crime in New York City. On the other hand, if he's eliminated, one of his lieutenants would probably just step into the role and things would proceed apace. Or you could cause a major mafia war, with attending body count. All in all, I don't think this is a good trade.
  • The entire Fantastic Four and Galactus: If this means no more FF movies, sign me up. Hell, throw Herby the Robot from the cartoon series in, and you can have them all for free. Seriously, Galactus kills billions and billions, is the price of four lives -- even exceptional ones -- really that high a price to pay?
  • The entire Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps: Take out the universe's premier police force in exchange for its premier evil organization? Tough call. That's a lot of lives lost, either way.
  • Professor Xavier and Magneto: Remove the greatest enemy of Xavier's dream of a united human and mutant world, and do you really need the Professor any longer?
  • Superman and Darkseid: Darkseid is seriously, relentlessly evil. Billions suffer under his rule every day. If you could alleviate that kind of horror, wouldn't one Kryptonian be a small price? Certainly it's a much more compelling choice than a random destruction engine like last time Supes died.
  • Thor and Loki: I wouldn't take this trade, because while Loki's a trickster and malevolent overall, he's also occasionally helped save the universe. That's got to give a god some leeway, you dig?

So looking at that list, I'd probably have to go with the Fantastic Four and Galactus. Given the current Marvel mythology, I don't think Galactus can actually be killed, but setting that aside, countless trillions of sentient lives would be saved by eliminating him, entire worlds and cultures able to thrive and survive that otherwise would have been wiped out. It's hard to stack the FF against that in the cosmic balance.

Which would you choose?

18 Responses to Poll Position: The Death of … ?

  1. Steve says:

    But Jeff, youd have to then look at the fact that we wouldnt have Reed Richards BRAIN to solve the Earth’s problems for us anymore…we’d have to rely on lesser geniuses, like Stark, Doom, etc…

    Now…as much as Im a fan of both Magneto AND Xavier, Id have to imagine that life would be much better for mutant kind should they both die….as long as Xaviers teachings continued to live on…although one could argue that, obviously, so would Magneto’s beliefs…but noone was as devout a supporter as Magneto himself, and with that obstacle removed…whats to say that Mutantkind couldn’t prosper?

  2. Jose Inoa says:

    I agree with Steve. The Marvel Universe would suffer without Mr. Fantastic, and Dr. Strange would be otherwise booked for the rest of his supernatural life.

    Take out Xavier and Magneto. Let freedom ring. (Or chaos)

  3. Hakoon1 says:

    NOOO!!!! Never ever destroy Professor Xavier! I mean even Magneto can be convinced to live in peace if we tried. Plus the two best British men in all history, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen portrayed them in the movies.

    Just think. If you kill Xavier, there’s nobody to control Jean Grey from the Phoenix force. And if Magneto could be convinced then the X men would be unstoppable!

    Take out Superman! Just for the fact that I don’t like him!

  4. Jester says:

    I’d go with the Fantastic Four and Galatus. I’ve never really cared for massive, planet-devouring cosmic entities, especially when they’re wearing dorky-looking helmets. And the FF have never really been my favorites, sorry.
    You CAN’T get rid of Professor Xavier, I want to sue people just for killing him in the third movie. And I don’t care how may people he’s killed, the Joker is awesome! HE MUST LIVE, FOR THE SAKE OF… ME!!! Think of the children… wait, he’ll probably kill them, so DON’T THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  5. Joshua says:

    @Steve: 🙂 Excuse me, sir? Doom a “lesser” genius? I beg to differ. Doom who circumvented the laws of physics, allowing him to navigate through time itself as easily as one rides a bike; Doom who got the better of a demi-god, usurped him, then became one himself; Doom who outwitted a devil and freed his mother’s soul in the process; and Doom who took political control of the nations, effectively becoming our Emperor. This isn’t a testament of a lesser man. It’s Reed Richards who very well maybe the “lesser” genius. As for Doom’s countless defeats? Well, they can be summized to his grandstanding and the underestimation of his opponents. But hell, if I had accomplished that and more, I too would be inclined to let the world know just who it was that “pwned” it. Doom, a lesser genius? I’ll leave you all with this from the good Doctor himself: “What Dr. Doom wishes, Dr. Doom…does!” 🙂

  6. Dave Nix says:

    Darkseid has to go. Thighboots + speedo + wifebeater + cowl? Clearly he has gone mad with power and must be stopped.

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    Excellent point, Dave. Thighboots must be stopped no matter what the cost!

  8. berserker says:

    come on people what you got against Thor, and Loki
    sure Loki is a pain in the butt but he did give fire to the world.
    and fire is the start of the scince age
    and id get rid of FF any day god awful movies and galactus is a big giant garbage diposal

  9. Tal says:

    Ow, this is a cruel question! I had to choose Batman and Joker, first, because Joker (TDK-verse) really is evil personified, and second, because I always felt that despite his amazing survival skills, on some level Bruce would have welcomed death and rest. So a bane to the evil one, and a boon to the other — that is the most I could make of this question.

  10. jose says:

    this one is too easy 4 lives for countless worlds and lives
    but will the surfer go too?

  11. hofter says:

    im a bit desperate for one item on hm3
    i really need shields, i tried a lot of insignias together. and it didnt work. plz it will only take u 5 min,…
    i will understand if u say no.

  12. kryptkal says:

    Okay first, Darkseid is a tyrant from a hopeless and powerful hell-of-a-world. He has been taken out of the picture for a time before, and in his absence there are numerous people, family members, generals, etc that would take his place and be almost as bad.

    Second, whether you want to continue whining about the F.F. and condemn them simply because you didn’t like the movies is beside the point. Reed Richards is called Marvel’s most brilliant scientist for a reason. Doom, Stark, and all the other geniuses are good in their own way, but no one excels at genius in science and the unexplained as a whole more that Richards and he is still going to be needed. Plus Galatcus is just trying to survive; it’s not like he’s bored and wants to eat planets to pass the time. I say get him a herald that can find uninhabitable planets for him to devour and leave it at that. Richards has been able to soundly stop him and transform him into a star and stuff in the past anyway.

    Third, HELLO! The Days of Future Past! The Age of Apocalypse! The House of M! How many alternate realities have to be shown you people before you get it? Magneto and Xavier are both needed. The absence of one or both of them, have numerous times provided a series of events that heralds the end of the world at the hands of the Sentinels, Apocalypse, etc. Besides, many mutants would SERIOUSLY overreact at the death of Xavier or Magneto (and have I might add) and, let’s face it, mutants step out their front door and they problems, this wouldn’t help them in the long run.

    Seeing as how both Thor and Loki are gods, I can’t see this one sticking, and magic has a saying about good and evil needing to be balanced. I also don’t think depriving the universe of the GL Corps, even in exchange for their Sinestro knock-off (plus he’s come back before remember) is a fair trade. They police the whole UNIVERSE for crying out loud. I say let the professional do their job. They have a system that works.

    All in all, I’d go with Daredevil and Kingpin, because Daredevil has never been a seriously influential superhero (on the large scale I mean) whereas the Kingpin has been (he has serious run-ins with every superhero practically). Besides, although he would be easily replaced, they would not be nearly as effective as him and are likely to fight among themselves for a while first. There may be a gang war, but they could also likely kill each other. It’s not like gang wars aren’t common in Marvel or even the real NYC.

  13. William A. Peterson says:

    Well, Batman and Darkseid have already died, so I’m going to exclude them!
    The Galactus argument makes sense, but I’m still too much of a fan of Sue Richards to want to see her go…
    On the other hand, Daredevil and Kingpin sound like a two-for-one bonus to me!
    I’ve never really cared for Matt, and Mr. Fisk is a big pain in the neck for so many different characters (Spider-Man, Punisher, Cap, et cetera), that I see this as a better trade.
    I never have believed the usual “If Kingpin kicks off, he’ll only be replaced by someone worse” reasoning…
    By that thought process, you should just let EVERY Villain (Super, or otherwise) have his way, all the time! NO!!!

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    @hofter (11): Those are great visuals, thank you — I’ll definitely put those into the new Shield set. Unfortunately that’s going to be a couple of weeks yet, I have to finish Insignia-Nature and then move on to the other slots that are missing a Standard set.

  15. Jester says:

    Poor Jeff… We’re running him ragged

  16. Jeff Hebert says:

    Heck no Jester, I’m in heaven! Getting to work on this is absolutely what I want to be doing, I love it.

    And now, back to the topic. Reed Richards is a poopy head!

  17. DJ says:

    Prof. X and Magneto. I imagine it would be how they would want to die. Even though they are enemies they still have their friendship from when they first met.

  18. Cavalier says:

    I have to vote for Batman/Joker. They are so connected, such a yin/yang, the drama of them going out together could be extraordinary. If done right it could be such an emotionally powerful story. Actual dead bodies, Batman’s identity confirmed but kept quiet, mourning among the just and the wicked alike. Bruce Wayne would be ‘lost at sea’ a few weeks later while on a world sailing tour. Tim Drake inherits, but under Dick Grayson’s guardianship. Maybe Alfred could finally retire due to shock. No reset button, no clones or doppelgangers, no mysterious deaths, and no carbon copies. Just the world changing like it does.

    I could go on, but the more I think how awesome it could be, the more I realize how it would get f@&ed up. Death has been impermanent for the protagonist since at least Sherlock Holmes, or even as far back as Jesus. They would redo the “Rise of the Supermen” story arc and find some way to bring them back. After a ‘shocking’ few months fans from the 60’s could read it and not realize anything happened.