More cool characters

I wanted to share some of the really cool characters people have already been making with HeroMachine 3. You can find these and more on the UGO HeroMachine - Hero Archives board. Hats off to all the creators, and hope you don't mind me linking to your guys!

Imp and I think the same way on character creation, so I end up naturally drawn to his images. I like the way he uses the background gradient spotlight, his color selection, and they way he manages to get unique looks out of the program.


Kublajkan (hope I got that right) uses multiple capes, the arm positioning, and even the facial expression to make it look like this guy is active even though he's just standing there.


Count Libido, a blast from the past, has returned briefly to work with the new HM3 applet. Good to have him back, and you can see why here. The spider web pattern fits in with the metallic shoulder pads for a really nice, unexpected effect, and in general the layering is great, making it look like this guy is really well protected.


Hakoon Kublajkan's done some really nice work here, including this sterling example of how you can use the transform tools to get a dwarf-like body from the basic items.

Finally, I foolishly didn't write down the creator when I copied the link, but with Kaldath's "Blizzard", notice how he's used the fire from the hair slot as hand-energy effects, then further confounded expectations by coloring them to look like ice. Really nice!

Just a sample of what can be done with the program even at this somewhat early stage. Great job guys!