HM3: Eyes and sharks

I forgot to mention it last night, but I added two shark items to the Heads-Animals set, a hammerhead and a Great White.

I just uploaded three new sets of pupil-less eyes to Eyes-Standard as well, to allow you to have solid color fills inside eyes, by request from the comments. That seemed to be a popular item so now you can go to town with it.

I'm about to start working on Legwear-Spandex to add the missing items from 2.x and to make sure they line up properly with the Tops, also by request. Once that's done, I'll start working on weapons, starting with swords. The plan there is to do them like I did the Tops, where you'll have four separate items that comprise the completed sword. You'll have the blade, the hilt, the handle/pommel, and finally the whole item with the three parts pre-assembled for ease of use. That'll let you essentially make your own swords and daggers. Should be neat.

Thanks for all the feedback you've been giving, as you can see I'm reading it all and taking it in, even if I don't respond to a specific request. Not everything can go into this first round of items, and not all of what's left out will be in later updates, but an awful lot will. You're directly affecting how HeroMachine 3 works, which I think is awesome. Go you!

16 Responses to HM3: Eyes and sharks

  1. violodion says:

    Did notice those got snuck in. A lot of sneaking things in, methinks. 🙂

    Also, noticed there tends to be two of many things: two eagles heads, two wolf heads, two rodent heads, etc. Variety is good!

  2. paul says:


    May I suggest you make separate handles for pole like weapons and long axes (like the one in the tech section of the items). If you want to have both hands masked to look like they are holding the item you can’t do that right now.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    @violodion: Less a matter of sneaking than of me being scatter-brained and forgetting what I’ve uploaded and what’s still just on my local machine. Idiocy for the win!

    @paul: Yes, that’s the plan for all the melee and edged weapons. Not so much with guns, probably, although I might do a bit of it where it makes sense. I hadn’t thought about the two-hand masking issue, but that’s an excellent point and another good reason to break out the pieces.

  4. Anarchangel says:

    Can I make a request for this top to be included when you get back around to that section?

    It’s one of my favorites from HM2 =)

  5. Anarchangel says:

    Hey Jeff. I love the new animal heads. I’ve been making a whole bunch of animal heroes. Next stop shark boy.

    Can I make a request for this top to be included when you get back around to that area?

  6. Scorpidius says:

    I agree with Paul there, i tried to do a polearm in both hands but couldn’t mask them both, that could be a great effect to have.

    Sounds fantastic about the weapons too, it will bring great variety.

    Cheers for the Hammerhead too, I have already put it to use!!!


  7. Anarchangel says:

    Loving the new animal heads Jeff. I’m making a full army of animal heroes =)

  8. neon_n64 says:

    “You’ll have the blade, the hilt, the handle/pommel”

    That sounds insanely awesome!!

    I’m really looking forward to the next update.

    Could you include a couple of Katana blades with hamon?

  9. Tim says:

    Since we’re on the topic of weapons, I have a couple requests.

    – Chronicles of Riddick Saber Claw Blades.
    Jeff, Please add these in ^^^

    – Kukri Machetes.

    – Scorge’s Chainsaw Staff from Gears of War 2.
    ^^^ Doesn’t have to be an exact replica

    – Kratos Blades of Chaos for God of War

    – King Leonidas Sword from the 300 Movie

    – Naginatas

    Let me know if the links don’t work.

    Thank you, Jeff.

  10. Piggies says:

    I’m enjoying all of this so far, very much so. I especially dig the dinosaur head! I’ve already made a Rambosaurus Rex!

  11. Tim says:


    For weapons, could you add these daggers. They’re pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

    – Chronicles of Riddick Saber Claw Blades.

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    I’ll check it out Tim.

  13. anonymous says:

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic,but please can you add a lobster heas in the Heads-Animals?

  14. J says:

    The shark heads look good. I would like to request a huge war hammer for a weapon. Something around the size of the one this guy has over his shoulder

  15. tristan says:

    sounds good could you add a ned kelly syle helmet.(Ned kelly was an Australian bushranger)