HM3: Eyes and sharks

I forgot to mention it last night, but I added two shark items to the Heads-Animals set, a hammerhead and a Great White.

I just uploaded three new sets of pupil-less eyes to Eyes-Standard as well, to allow you to have solid color fills inside eyes, by request from the comments. That seemed to be a popular item so now you can go to town with it.

I'm about to start working on Legwear-Spandex to add the missing items from 2.x and to make sure they line up properly with the Tops, also by request. Once that's done, I'll start working on weapons, starting with swords. The plan there is to do them like I did the Tops, where you'll have four separate items that comprise the completed sword. You'll have the blade, the hilt, the handle/pommel, and finally the whole item with the three parts pre-assembled for ease of use. That'll let you essentially make your own swords and daggers. Should be neat.

Thanks for all the feedback you've been giving, as you can see I'm reading it all and taking it in, even if I don't respond to a specific request. Not everything can go into this first round of items, and not all of what's left out will be in later updates, but an awful lot will. You're directly affecting how HeroMachine 3 works, which I think is awesome. Go you!