HM3: America's Top Spandex now available

I just updated the Alpha with TopsMaleSpandex for your dressing pleasure.

A note about how these work. Inspired by something Mark Shute did in HM2.x, I have a set of base spandex tops with sleeves of varying lengths. Think of these as your "base" tops. You can then layer (using the "Multiples" setting) the other pieces over it to create shirts of different types. For instance, you could have a short-sleeve shirt with a deep V neck, or a scoop neck, by swapping out which neck piece you use. You could even color the neck piece the skin colors to make it look like it's part of the character's body.

I've only played around with it a bit, but it's a very subtly powerful way to create. By mixing and matching the pieces you can make some really varied effects; I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

As usual, let me know any items you would like, but don't see, or any bugs you come across.

Eventually I'll flesh out the Tops slot with more expanded sets like in 2.x, with Coats and Overshirt type items, but for now these two ought to give you a lot to work with.

Tomorrow I'll be adding any spandex tops I've forgotten, and then will move on to facial slots (Nose, Eyes, etc.). So holler if there's anything in that regard you want to see.

7 Responses to HM3: America's Top Spandex now available

  1. Timespike says:

    Excellent! Can’t wait for the matching leg ones; being able to do blocks of different colors in geometric patterns is where it’s at when making superhero costumes.

  2. The Imp says:

    I have a small bug issue for you, Jeff: On the ninja mask on the headgear slot – the one with the slot for the eyes – when I try to put a pattern over it (a grayscale pattern) it covers not only the mask, but the face under it as well… It could be doing the same thing to other headgear items as well, but that’s the only one I’ve noticed.

  3. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: Will there be Brick and Teen poses in HM3? GOTCHA! Just messin’ with you.

  4. TRISTAN says:

    the knight gloves dont work unles there is hands to mach them. patterns on hands dont work!!!!!!!!

  5. Fabien says:

    I hope an open leather jacket.

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    Tristan, there are “generic” armored hands, do you have to have specific ones for each glove? I didn’t bother while drawing the hands to match them because they all pretty much look the same to me.

    And yes, I’m aware of the patterns on hands, it’s something slated to be fixed before release. One exclamation point would have been plenty 🙂

  7. The Dudemeister says:

    For the facial slots, it seems that there were TONS of options for zombie and demonic monster noses, mouths, eyes, etc. Could we get some alien varieties so that not all of the heroes generated need to be human? I know you can’t infringe on copyrighted material, but sometimes it would be fun to make a Skrull soldier, or a star trek/star wars alien species. So some variations on noses, foreheads, chins, eyebrows, etc, would be great. Like Klingons, Cardsians, Gem-Hadar, the cone-head jedi, Plo-Koon, etc. The more facial options the better. I’d love to be able to use more than just pointy ears.